Apple Products

Today a lot of people are busy or stressed out. They complain about inflation, gas prices, flight delays, stocks, and the housing market. I want to share Happy News.

So teens or parents that buy Apple Products can rest assured that Apple Tech Support is standing by to help day or night in an emergency editing issue. Lol, They will stay on the phone with you until your problem is resolved. The best part - the crazy part's free. The call is free. Their help is free. Nothing is ever free these days. It doesn't matter when you bought your computer or phone. They will help you with something that does not work right or you don't understand.

They talked to me for 3 hours yesterday to resolve a problem with our video on Final cut. It's funny, it was our error and they did not charge us, blame us or reprimand us. They were happy they did their job and helped us with a crazy issue. I called back after my phone died and they picked up where they left off. The new tech person had notes from the last one. They called me back 2 times after my phone died. They are super people! They are always hiring tech people. Do you have what it takes to help and teach people? Apply!! I sound like a commercial. However, I speak from the heart. Truly, I believe in what I share!

The Apple Support - Mike was happy I was relieved. He was happy he could figure my computer storage issue out. He was happy he solve my video export issue.  By accident, our video went into slow motion and would not export. They got it to export to a hard drive before I lost my mind.  We worked hours on editing our new dog video.  I was afraid we would lose the piece. I was so relieved.

They said I could now go back and fix the errors on my timeline and still had a copy of the video. I learned so much from Mike at Apple Support. I was doing things I never knew how to do by the time we hung up. He laughed and said, that's how you pick it up and get better.

Challenges make us great, I always thought. We are either built up from them or torn down. Thanks to Apple, I am Built up. I am confident I can learn to edit myself on Final Cut. Stan Livingston, "Chip" from "My Three Sons," always told me to learn how to edit myself. I knew how to do it when it was tape to tape - linear editing - many years ago. Now I can happily say, if I do want to learn, I would definitely choose Final Cut over Adobe. It is also a one-time charge, not monthly. You own it for years to come. Adobe is very difficult for me. Final Cut appears to be very easy. Anyway, I just want to share my thanks to Apple. I want to tell people if you don't buy Apple Products, you lose out on a lot of great help. Apple people in the store or over the phone teach so well and resolve things quickly. I am truly impressed and just wanted to take a minute to say - Thumbs up Apple! Thank You Apple for standing behind your products and caring about your customers. They never make people feel less than either. They teach you their products in a respectful, helpful way. They are great teachers!



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