The Prom Dress Must Go On Challenge!

These HS girls said Pass it on! Lead your school in the Prom Dress Must Go On Challenge! These girls wanted to wear their prom dresses, feel beautiful and inspire other girls to do the same.  Buy one online and help the economy. 🙂 Treat yourself special. Put your dress on and dance the night away with your friends. Party by Zoom or 6 feet apart. Share your video with your school, us, or the networks. These girls went viral with their video. Share your special night. Get the guys to do Prom Proposals and Teen Say will post them and your videos on TV and Youtube.

In honor of prom being today Ryna Malik and I decided to put together a little video incorporating all the senior girls at chantilly who wanted to participate as a little tribute to our fellow seniors struggling with the hardships covid-19 has brought us. Please join us in supporting and sharing this video to show appreciation towards all these beautiful girls and any other senior who didn’t get a senior prom because everyone deserves to feel like their most beautiful selves on a night they would’ve cherished forever ❤️

Posted by Georgia Coose on Saturday, 25 April 2020

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