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In Photo: Doctor James Thompson, Pediatric Cardiologist
In Photo: Doctor James Thompson, Pediatric Cardiologist

The Vision

Mariann believes people need to share, learn, and vent to one another in order to grow. She provides a platform for the underdog, the commonly overlooked or misunderstood people in society to educate the world because she belives no matter how small a voice, it can still change the world if we just stop and listen.


Teen Say

Where Teens and College Students can have their Say. Open the Communication lines! Make a Positive Difference in the World. Take a stand. We will help you be heard. What do you want to change? Relate to your Peers...Teach Peers. Open peoples' eyes with your views. Robots have no say on Teen Say.

My Story

From Long Island, NY, Mariann began her academic studies with a paralegal degree in 1986. She then went on to graduate from St. John's University in 1989 with a degree in Journalism.

Mariann migrated south to Virginia in the 90's. Simultaneously promoting the old firehouse teen center in McLean and interning at Fox News sparked inspiration to developed a teen Column - Teen Say. Syndicated both in the McLean Gazette and the Sun.

To open the communication lines between parents and misunderstood teens, Teen Say II was started on channel 10 Public Access.

After having four great children, Mariann started Dr. Libby's World of Medicine. She produced shows with Doctor Russel Libby, the Chief of Pediatrics for INOVA Fairfax Hospital, and top Washingtonian Doctors to educate the public on diseases, caregivers, and patients wanted to share, vent, and teach about.

Stanley Livingston, "Chip" from My Three Sons, and Mariann met on a shoot. She was hired to be his assistant during the production of the video Street Smart. He has remained a dear friend and mentor for over 25 years. My does time fly.

Peter Yarrow, from Peter, Paul, and Mary, often refers to Mariann as his goddaughter. He has been her mentor and dear friend since she was 17 years old. His encouragement, support, and wisdom has inspired Mariann to relentlessly strive for change in the world by helping one person at a time.



Peter Yarrow from Peter, Paul & Mary and Founder of Operation Respect

Mentor and Family Friend for over 30 years



Chip from “My Three Sons”

Best Friend & Mentor  for over 25 years





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