SANTA’S BELLS RING 365 DAYS A YEAR! My Christmas Wish!

I have a Christmas Wish! Santa needs a Christmas Miracle. Can you help me make My Christmas Wish come true?  It's Christmas! It's a Magical time of the year! It's time to make Christmas Miracles Happen. Let's Change Santa's Image from a Threat to a Reward!

Jesus is a Miracle. He is Love for the World. Santa loves the Children. He brings them toys because Jesus loves the children and knows they have pure hearts and souls. Santa only watches the good children do.

Santa has a New Bell System at the North Pole. He needs our help. Every family should make a Care Board for their family appropriate to their children's ages. Santa's  Magic Computer, Snowball gives children their own special bell sound when they are born. Every time a child does a good action by taking care of themselves or helping others, their bell sound will ring. Another bell sound will ring with the type of action they did and the child's name will get a smiley face.

Families should make Good Action Notebooks and give their kids smiley faces after they have shared time with their children after work and school. Families could have a weekly reward system with the notebook. On Christmas Eve those. notebooks filled with smiley faces of visible progress and growth can be left on the table for Santa so he can write a special note to them about their great year. You could save those notebooks as they grow putting special notes in them for childhood memories to reflect on when they are older. You could put pictures in them too.

I have always loved seeing the world through a child's eye. I love to hear what they see and think. I wish I could have been as great as Walt Disney and invented a land of Magic but that task was taken. Instead, I have adopted the next best Change Santa for the World. Santa is  Positive! Christmas is about Jesus! Miracles and  Love! How can we threaten children with St. Nicholas/Santa punishing them or watching them like police officers in their "safe homes" through the walls and doors and into their bedrooms?

Children need to know what is expected of them. Every family needs to Make a Care Board for their unique family of various ages and expectations.

Children need to know how to take care of themselves. Give those little ones a bell and have them ring it after they brush their teeth or hair with a parent or grandparent. Tell them Santa hears the bell and sees their good action. Their name will get a smiley face on Santa's Magic Computer.  Santa invented the New Bell System and Care Board for Families to Help Children Around the World.

Quick tip for all ages...Adults ring the bell as your child says sorry to his/her sibling and kisses them. Santa does not see the argument only the kiss and love. It works so well on adults laughing too. My sister and I did it. She loved it.:)

I paid to publish the book on I'm so Proud of it. I hope it is a Christmas Miracle for Families all over the World to use 365 Days a Year. Email me and let me know your thoughts.

Book has it under Magical Christmas Books. Can you buy in bulk from Book Baby or your own book wholesaler for your store or church, you could make a lot of money. Our church is doing a fundraiser this weekend. The book is like $10 or so wholesale for them and it will sell for $25 at the Church. It's a nice profit. Please. help us sell the book, spread the word, and make my Christmas Miracle Come True.

The World Needs a Miracle. A song to sing along. A reason to belong. A note for the tote. A reason for the fight. A way to see the light! Jesus is the Light of the World!

Jesus Loves the Children!


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Channel 10 Fairfax Public Access will Air Teen Say’s Great Show tonight and Saturday!

Teen Say will be airing this great show below on Channel 10 – Fairfax Public Access Wednesday, May 17th  at 6 pm and Saturday, May 20th at 10:30 am.

Shut the Computer! Get off the Couch! Do some fun races to keep your heart healthy. It’s Race Season. On Mother’s Day, my daughter ran me through the finish line at the Kinetic Triathalon at Lake Anna. The spectacular moment rejuvenated my heart to be as strong and happy as it was the day my children were each born.  That memory will be with me forever. It will live long after I do.. in stories from my kid’s to their kid’s kids. It really touched our family. My kids have always taken turns doing spectacular things to light my world up and show me how much they love me. This was Marissa’s. It was spectacular! Marissa was a co-host on Teen Say when she was young. You can see her videos on Youtube. She is now an Ambassador for Go One More with BPN. Marissa is training for an Ironman. She leads people on Instagram with her workouts and training. She cheers people on and thinks anyone can achieve their goal if it is a goal. Make Memories together!  The fun of staying at a house on the water in Lake Anna and having my adult children there to share Mother’s Day with was such a blessing. I was thrilled to have everyone under the same roof for a few days of fun and what a roof…on the Lake. It was beautiful. I told my daughter, I spent my adult life running to events with my four kids. I need action. I need adventure. It was a blast!  It keeps parents young. I had a heart stent put in two weeks ago and was doing 11000 steps a day walking about to see my kids at the 3 events: Swim, Bike, and Run. Every event was easy to walk to at the Kinetic Triathalon at Lake Anna. Parking was easy too. Not all races are easy for the spectators. I truly loved it. It was one of the first races Marissa did a few years ago. It is truly my forever favorite. The key to life is to stay active and live adventures. It keeps your heart and mind healthy! My 7 and 10-year-old nieces just did a fun run in their neighborhood. They could not wait to show us their metals when we got back. They were proud! Our family loves the Turkey Trot every Thanksgiving morning. Yes, those can be cold mornings, difficult with cooking, baking, watching the Macy’s Day Parade, and getting dressed to feast all day 🙂 and see extended family but, the race makes our day, we make memories every year and hope never to miss one. It’s a family tradition worth having.

The Chief of Pediatric Cardiology from Inova Hospital did the Tough Mudder with a few other doctors and friends. They named their group, Dead Men Running. They socialized, trained, worked their heart muscles while working long hours to take care of other’s hearts, enjoyed the outdoors, and accomplished a Tough Mudder together. They made memories, they had fun. Hear from the groups of friends, cousins, and families I interviewed while they were running Color in Motion, the fun race with paint being thrown everywhere. The kids absolutely loved that race. It was one of the Best shows I ever did. Do a race, it’s race season. Get out there! Walk the dog! Run the dog!

Keep your heart happy, it’s no fun when you have to put it back together. So…keep it healthy and pounding with joy! Join the INOVA Family Fun Race on June 4th, 2023!




          June 4, 2023
               Star Kid
         Family Fun Run

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You are Unique! Changing, learning, and growing every day – at every age!

Follow your dreams. They cannot be forgotten or fail to exist over time. Dreams don’t expire!

Listen to your heart about love, not your brain, or your brain will break your heart.

Hear your anxiety, something is wrong or needs to change.

When you’re tired – is it earned or have you exhausted your brain? Your body was meant to move!

Live spontaneously at times. You are not a robot! Routines are needed to function but your soul needs to dance too.

Laugh and do something different or fun every day for at least 15 minutes – at every age – to live agelessly. It’s easy to do that when you have kids. Learn from them. Let them lead the fun. It will keep you young.

Smile more! Talk more! Share and Care about others more. It feels good.

Silence the noise and input from others constantly put in your head from your phone or computer. Think on your own. Journal before bed or when you can’t sleep. You will understand so many things, that you loved, bugged you, hurt you, or thrilled you! Breathe!

You are not a robot! Your soul knows that! Live! Life is the real stage – there is no practice – no perfection is needed – no one is perfect! Everyone has things they don’t like about themselves or want to change. Everyone has a different soul. You get a do-over and a new beginning with every new sunrise. Treasure those blessed days. Have faith! Believe – God sees you and has a plan. You have a destiny!

By Mariann Gonzalez 4/24/2023

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SANTA has a New System at the North Pole!

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A Boy Called Christmas is the Best Christmas Movie I have seen for teens, young adults, and older adults. It portrays Hope and Unity for both sides of life. (Elves and Humans) The death of Mom and Dad does not make it great for the little ones. I truly loved it. My husband, the firefighter loved it. That says a lot. He sees a lot of heartache and badness. It truly kept him involved and eager to see the end. The Older Woman who tells the story is really a ? She tells the kids that life is made up of stories.

Aside from the movie….I truly love when the elderly get to tell their stories. It helps them remember the good in their lives. Listen… teens…adults…learn from them. Teens let your parents remember their Christmas time from long ago. Did they meet any Elves? Santa? See any Saints? Make the world a better place. How will you contribute? Keep creating. God created you and gave you gifts to explain his creation. (You!)

Merry Christmas

Happy New Year!

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Every third week of every month - Teen Say airs on Channel 10 - Fairfax Pubic Access. The third Saturday at 10:30 am. The third Tuesday at 12 am. I watched it last night. 🙂 The third Wednesday at 6 pm.

Please have the kids watch this week to get ready for Christmas. Santa's Bells Are Ringing! 365 Days a Year! The bells make music at the North Pole. The videos of kids doing good things play on video screens all over the north pole. Santa's Computer puts a smiley face near the kids' names after the bell rings and tells Santa why it went off.

The kids can make Care Boards with their parents or guardians based on their care for themself and others. Santa wrote Mary a letter asking her to change her chore board to a Care Board for her kids. Santa asked for her help to spread the word among Families for teens and kids everywhere. The boards are created to the family's chores and expectations. They can be changed as often as you feel necessary.

The teens and kids can leave their notebooks out for Santa on Christmas Eve with Stars in it from their Parents or Guardians. For example, if they brush their teeth and take care of themselves - they get a star in their notebook. Parents or Guardians can go down the down the Care Board every night before bed. Instead of checking boxes - they just add stars for each item. Getting stars before bed is a nice way to start sweet dreams for everyone. Prayers and a story before bed really create a child's best night. If teens or older kids don't believe in Santa and ever say that - Santa will stop bringing them gifts. My 30-year-old still gets his gifts from Santa.

The best part of the notebook is what they do for others. It is called a good deed to most but here it's expected to care for themselves and others as they earn stars from Parents or Guardians.  Write on that page what they did. For example - made Mom a special picture at school. Cooked dinner for Parents. Those things make the bells go off at the North Pole and put smiley faces near their names on Santa's Computer.

This week we will air the Christmas Story I wrote a few years ago but it is not the one being published this week. Please listen to the new story in December. We will be in the studio with Santa and read it aloud. Enjoy!

Prizes can be given weekly based on your notebook and Care Board if you so choose to. Santa will write in the notebook on Christmas Eve. Save these notebooks until their kids want to see them. 🙂 Teens need to remember, they can only be kids once. Enjoy them. No one is ever too old for Spiritual Magic!


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Dogs Have Brains!

Teens and Parents can communicate better learning with their dogs. Kelly Knowles trains dogs to use their brains. They are happier with jobs and love to make their humans happy. Dock Diving; Agility; Search and Rescue and training new puppies are just a few things you will learn from Mariann and Kelly’s interview and demonstrations. Thank you River Chase Equestrian Center for hosting and sponsoring us. Thank you Valentin Sapcariu and George Gonzalez for your great Camera Skills. Thank you Anirwin Sridhar and K Sridhar for editing such a fun piece for us all to enjoy.

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Ruca is on a Surfboard!

Ruca was at the beach. They wanted to spice up his life and give him new experiences when they adopted him. They took him into the ocean on a Surfboard. Ruca is very social and loves saying hi to everyone on the beach. He wanted me to hold him but I was chicken. He kept nodding at me. Jill said, he wants to come to you. I said, um next time. It was funny. Jill rides her bicycle with Ruca. He makes t-rex sounds when Jill asks him to as she rides in circles. He spreads his wings wide. I did get Rob his former owner, and Ruca together. The families were nervous but did great. Listen to the wonderful interview soon. Ruca laughs at his new boy doing pull-ups. He groans as he does the pull-up and laughs when he makes it. Ruca is amazing. He has his own Instagram page. He is going to be very famous soon.

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Teen Say gave Ed a Say!

June 18, 2022 – This Saturday, Channel 10 – FPA – Fairfax Public Access will air Teen Say’s “Attorney Journey” at 10:30 am..starring Edward Weiner from Weiner, Spivey & Miller PLC. His achievements include winning multi-million dollar verdicts; being the 77th President of the Virginia State Bar and creating his Brainchild – Jazz 4 Justice to raise funds for Pro bono legal services of Legal Aid and Music Scholarships for local universities. Hear what he has to say about Car Insurance – it is the message he wants you to hear if you hear anything. My first father died in a car accident and it was awful for my Mom and Family. She hired a Personal Injury Lawyer and went through hell but won! Happy Father’s Day “Dad” in heaven. Listen to this Incredible Attorney People! Happy Father’s Day Ed! Happy Father’s Day to my Dad of 42 years who watches all my shows and loved this one. He helped me become the girl who helped rebel teens when I was young instead of being one – which I did attempt. LOL Teen Say was born for those Rebels! We wanted to open the Communication Lines for Parents and Teens. Ed, Thank you for educating my audience. “Get Million Dollar Policies!” Tom Fricke – our late Cameraman and Editor did a great job on these videos and loved this show. He is missed!

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America has come a long way since then. Enjoy the personal stories people shared with us. People came out on our show in 2016. Where are they now? Enjoy the Parade this weekend.

Email us at: if you want to share your personal stories. Please send us your videos or pictures from the Parade to share here as well as on FB. We are willing to have your group do a show with us – email us. Live and let live! Be happy – life is too short not to be. Don’t judge what you don’t understand. Judgment is God’s Job! Love is Love – LGBT says! Be Kind like Ellen says! Catch Teen Say on Channel 10 – FPA every third week of the month. We air shows Monday, Wed, and Saturday. 3rd Tuesday at 12am, 3rd Wednesday at 6 pm, 3rd Saturday at 10:30 am. We have all you need to know about motorcycle licensing and mastering riding skills airing on Wednesday, June 15th at 6 pm and Saturday, June 18th at 10:30 am on Channel 10. You can also find it on our Youtube channel after it airs on Channel 10 – Fairfax Public Access. Click on Teen’s youtube button. Hit videos and see more….

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19 Robb Elementary Kids are in Heaven – not on Earth with their Parents or Families Anymore!

19 Babies who will never grow up and 2 teachers who will never grow old were killed yesterday at Robb Elementary School. The Texas Shooting was not something anyone could understand yesterday. No one wanted to talk about it. It’s easier to think they can’t do anything or they don’t have the power to change it – so they accept it and live in fear for their loved ones. People said they heard and walked away or they seemed sad and didn’t say anything. I was shocked, outraged! I said, Please God do something. Why are evil people in charge of our lives? Why are they allowed to make us live in fear?

I have tried to help teens and families for years. I wanted to make a difference because I was a child when I lost my father to a drunk driver. Since then – airbags were put in cars. Drinking ages were raised. Punishments were severe to deter others from drinking and driving. Laws changed for the better!

I was angry, scared, and lost. I helped another boy that lost his Dad to cancer. We made each other stronger. Adults were saying all the wrong things to us. They were making excuses about our behavior. They were doing all the wrong things. They did not help us! Powerful people are doing all the wrong things now and making us all suffer! Why do they have those rights? Why are we all feeling helpless, frustrated, and scared?

Mental Illness is not an excuse. Parents can get their kids in support groups – today. They should be able to get them thrown in a hospital –no matter how old they are if they qualify the situation. I published poetry to help people understand that others have the same feelings. It’s like singers that you love because they just sang about your broken heart or situation out loud and you can relate to them. Bullying is not an excuse for killing others.

I have asked teens to have faith in tomorrow. I have asked parents to be brave and continue to live for their “other” children or “themselves” to make a difference – when they have suffered the death of their child due to illness, accidents, drugs, or suicide. “Help Save the Next Girl” was created by parents who lost their child to a serial killer. They make a difference now.

These shootings need to stop! Here is my idea:

Stop selling automatic weapons to the public. What good have they done? Does the bad outweigh the good? Pros and Cons adults. Make everyone who has a gun register it free of charge – announce it over and over on social media. If they do not comply and get caught with a gun – they pay a 10,000 dollar fine or spend some time doing community service. or jail. If people report others not registered – we will pay them a reward! Money talks people! It’s why we have this mess.

Raise the age of people allowed to buy guns. They can’t drink until they are 21 because their brains are not developed but they can buy guns at 18? They can go to war at 18. They need ID and to be 18 to buy Cigarettes but they can buy guns without background checks or references to their character? The tobacco and alcohol companies didn’t like their laws changed but they were stuck with them. Smokers can’t smoke inside public places anymore. Second-hand smoke hurts others. The laws were changed for the Good of the People. We ask for references to let someone babysit or work for us. Why can’t we ask for references and background checks of someone buying a gun? People with guns can ruin our lives with them. They can come into our jobs, stores, and schools and fire at us! They can kill our nieces and nephews, grandchildren, and parents. We need people of power to make it impossible for these shootings to happen. Change is needed now! If someone can ruin 21 families and change and horrify the world in one day – we can surely mandate new laws in one day.

PBS and Mr. Rogers, Sesame Street, and other kids’ platforms are running new shows and trying to help the children and parents already. Why can’t the government move that fast? It’s easy if they care! The horror stories are real and happening to our families. They are getting closer and closer to the ones you love. The people of power need to help all the dead children killed while at school. Make them sing in heaven. We want the Angels to see “Change Happened and they saved other children.”

Everyone stand up! Stop! Fight and say NO! No! Those babies will never hear yes, yes again. They only heard you say, “No, we don’t care enough. We can’t do it alone.” The excuses are endless. I called Peter Yarrow today. He is family, a friend, my mentor, and a man with much wisdom. He has been an activist since the 60s. He has fought for justice, equality, freedom, and love. He has always written songs that people could sing along to and see what was right. He has always sung for peace and marched for Justice. He has been trying to get the world to hammer out love for his brothers and sisters all over the world since the 60s. He wrote a song for you that will come out soon. God gave him the creative gift to help people and stand up for the abused, broken, weak or sad.

Peter Yarrow united with Parkland Students and families to help them march and sing. He helped them channel their pain and create music. He stood up for the babies of Sandy Hook and tried to make a difference. I called him and said, I want to help! No matter how powerless we feel when we hear news like this…we must join others and become a force that is not weakened and does not give up. I want laws to change for all of us! HE SAID EVERY VOICE COUNTS!!!!

Do we need to hide in our houses like during Covid? Will people start doing that because they are afraid to send their kids to school or college? What about raising teens that could hurt someone? Parents can’t ignore their children’s issues. They need the proper channels to help them not harm themselves or others! Mental Health is so important! Let’s fight for change! Parents need more rights when their children are not well. “Fight” is the only word I can think of. We are at War people!

How do these shooters get so sick? How can an 18-year-old be that sick and no one notice? Did they ignore him? They noticed! Someone noticed! Who did they call? How does the person in the store that sold him the gun feel right now? Could he or she tell that the person was unstable? Did they ask how his day was going? Did they care? We are people but yet we act like robots! A lot of people don’t want to talk about their feelings because feelings are too personal and it makes them feel vulnerable. Those babies at school are vulnerable. Would you let wild dogs roam the hallways of school and hope that they didn’t attack if they were fed? Parent groups do well because parents have the same problems and feelings. Support groups help because people open up and feel the same. They ask for help. Mental Illness is not an excuse for killing people. Others can only be blamed if they sit back and watch it happen or allow that person to do it. The Texas Shooting has a lot of people that should feel guilty and responsible for it.

Sick People are on the loose. They are killing our babies, our brothers and sisters! Mental health is not an excuse! Guns are a means for sick people to destroy our lives! When someone suffers grief, everyone seems to understand and feel sad for them and with them. IF the grief continues for a long period of time – which it will. It’s forever a loss of a loved one or a child. If they continue to grieve out loud, some people will get uncomfortable and step away or say he or she has problems. They do! They are hurting inside. Their hearts were shattered like glass. Their lives will never be perfect again. Their emotions are out of control. They have no control over society. They feel helpless! They feel abused! They want justice! Give it to them!

Stoneman Douglas HS Students were devastated when they witnessed 17 of their friends killed. Peter Yarrow from Peter, Paul & Mary joined them and helped them come together and sing-speak out – march – create messages that would be heard. Those kids – the Survivors became adults that day. Some of them are old enough to vote now too! They did an HBO special. How many officials have listened to these kids sing while they cried inside every time they sang? What changes were made on their dead friends’ behalf? What about the families and parents of those babies – no matter how old they were – they were their babies. They had so much life ahead of them. Their families suffer every day with grief or on medications with PTSD or live in fear of losing their other children. What do we say to them now?

19 Babies were killed in cold blood at Robb Elementary School while sitting in their classrooms trying to learn, grow, laugh, and be children. They looked forward to seeing their families after school. They were excited about summer break. One teacher was a Mom of four. How do her kids feel right now? Are her parents alive? How about the other teacher that wanted to make a difference in the world? How do her parents feel right now?

This Elementary School shooting must unite the families of Sandy Hook and Stoneman Douglas High School. They must March! Sing! Demand Justice!

They need change today! Laws can be broken in a day. Laws can be changed in a day! Fix our society! Unite People! Let’s fight for all the dead kids and teachers! Let’s fight for the kids still alive!

What do we say to the Sandy Hook Families today suffering again – who live without their babies? The biggest elementary school massacre they say over and over on the news and in print – are they daring another mentally ill shooter to beat the record?

A Mom, Nelba Marquez – Greene suffers from grief after her 6-year-old was shot at Sandy Hook. She spoke out on the news today. She said, ” I received a text, don’t turn on the news.” She said, “Action is Love and Action is Faith!”

Parents that have lost their babies to gun violence need Faith that they will not lose another child. They need their Angels in Heaven to have justice for their loss of life on earth. Those babies will never play with their friends who watched them die. They will never sing. They will never celebrate a holiday with their families again. They never get to do the momentous stuff that Kids get to do like – drive, graduate, get married or vote. They will never have their own babies. They were babies! They were a Mom and Dad’s Baby. They were someone’s sister or brother. They will never be forgotten. Grieving families have a hard time facing reality and moving on with simple tasks like taking a shower, eating, or seeing their kids’ friends, and other parents. Do they change their bedrooms or make them shrines? Parents long for their child’s touch, voice, cry or laugh. They wonder what their poor child thought or felt the day they were killed in cold blood. They wonder if they screamed Mommy or Daddy. Parents will never have peace.

If we don’t change the gun law, maybe we should put a camera in every classroom so we can broadcast the actual killings and parents don’t have to wonder how their children died. Was it fast? Did they suffer? Did they cry? Did the others cry when they watched?

Like so many – I feel small. Let’s unite! We can change the world! A small match can make an explosion – right Katie Perry?

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Stanley Livingston Is Back!

Stanley Livingston – Chip from My Three Sons was just in Part 5 of the “Antiquities – A star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser.” I was so excited when Stan texted me this clip. I wanted to share it with all of you. Stan is usually behind the scenes now. He may finally be coming back to the Big Screen or TV Screens again. I’m so excited. I hope he does some Hallmark Movies. He would be awesome. He is still as good as his character “Chip.” He needs to be in Good Old Fashion – Good Deed type movies or TV shows in my opinion. I look forward to seeing more Stan. We are super excited to see what else you do. Congratulations! Good luck with the documentary you are working on today.


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Will Smith – Teach the Youth!

Will Smith will have to teach the youth about unacceptable emotions that can cost them jail time, their careers, and a whole lot of pain. One mistake can change a lifetime of achievements or a perfect reputation. Will Smith hitting Chris Rock during the Oscars was unprofessional. It was unfortunate his emotions got the best of him. Stars need to lead by example for the youth. Chris Rock was a super role model. He was professional and carried on and made jokes. He did his job! Will Smith has a lot of people that look up to him. He may have apologized to the World last night but now his true work begins. He will have to teach and continue to talk to the youth, the world about violence and tempers. Men can’t hit other people every time their wife or girlfriend’s feelings get hurt. Men or boys need to remember defending a woman’s honor can be done with words.

Cher said it right, ” Words are like weapons – they wound sometimes. ” Chris Rock could have hurt or upset Jada and the Smith family with his joke about Jada’s hair but did he know she had a disease? Either way, it could have been handled better by Will Smith – a long-time admired actor. He did not have to act like a hot-headed teenage boy. He could have proceeded to educate the audience on stage instead of hitting Chris. He could have asked Chris for the microphone and said, Chris, do you know what alopecia is? Let me explain it to the audience and viewers. It’s a disease that Jada has that causes hair loss. Your joke upset her and I am asking people everywhere not to joke about diseases that hurt people. It would have been disruptive and educational but not as upsetting or disappointing. He could have said, Chris, stop using Jada’s disease in your jokes – from his seat. He could have addressed it with reporters after the show. Will knew better. I feel bad for him, so bad for him. His tears broke my heart. Will’s tears were not tears of an actor playing a role. They were tears from a man that was broken and embarrassed by his actions. Will has Super Powers now.

He has to teach the world not to make violent mistakes or take emotional outbursts to dangerous levels. God has given Will Angel Power on earth. Will has to change the world for the better. Will everyone is listening. Teach!

Jabari Banks looks up to Will Smith and is honored to be linked to the legend. He is the new Prince. Will Smith gave him some words of advice to live by in the business and in life. I hope Will remembers those words now….”Don’t let the Successes get to your head and don’t let the Failures get to your heart.” Will, we still love you! We want your heart to tell your head, it’s ok. You will shine and continue to shine….making the world a better place. You won that Oscar for being part of a great Movie. You helped the world see…do it again!

Hold your head up, Will Smith. God is asking you to do harder work now. Your action put you in the perfect position to make others listen to you about violence and emotional outbursts. It’s your chance to make a bigger difference than you already do.

Perhaps Will should talk to a therapist about what happened at the Oscars. Is Will going through something we don’t know about? His role in the movie set him up to play that scene off and pretend it was part of the show – being crazy like he said and standing up for his family. He could have spoken about the disease after and laughed it off. He was too hot-headed. It was not the Will Smith we all know and love. I wish Will would have defended Jada’s heart differently and we all know….so does he.

He will make a bigger difference in the world now if people let him. Will Smith, the world loves you. You know what they say, the teens and college kids are watching! We heard a few teens and college guys say, he had every right to defend his woman, girl, wife. Will, please teach them right from wrong.

Will stole our hearts many years ago. Everyone grew up watching the Prince on TV and then followed him to the Big Screen and watched every movie he was in. Will has never made a bad scene in public. We have never heard any negative things about him and Will Smith has been in the business a long time. He was always a great role model.

Will teach the world. The World Needs a Miracle. It needs more love as you said in your speech. God is calling you to be an Angel on Earth. You are an Oscar winner. Congratulations!

You are a Super Star with Super Powers… to teach! Please wipe those tears and look up! God gave you a bigger calling.

We love you, Will Smith. You are human. Everyone is entitled to make a mistake and grow! This is your destiny!

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Teen Say Wants You to Grow!

Teen Say is growing in the New Year. We want you to Grow too! You should make your Dreams a Reality! Use the Medium for views, poetry, or stories you want to write and share. Post – Publish them! Develop a following. Use Youtube – to become a star! Do your own TV show on Public Access. Learn how to operate real TV equipment and volunteer for Crew on Shows. Go to PegMedia and share your shows all over the world that you produce on Public Access. Public Access is free. You can get certified as a Producer and have people volunteer to be crew for you. They will run cameras, audio, and edit for you – for free!

We want to add stories for and from everyone. We want to give everyone a Say on “Have Your Say.” We want to explore controversy and hear more. We want the world to grow! What do you want to say? What do you want to change? What is frustrating you? What makes you happy? What should people try? Do? Learn?

Teens are saying they can learn on their own and get certifications that help them get great jobs. Is their truth to that? What success stories do we have validating that? Adults are saying they are more productive and comfortable working from home. Who wants to speak on that? The world is changing. Is it for the better or for the worst? What do you think? You do matter! You can have your say anywhere or on “Have Your Say! “

You know how to use your phones and take pics. Send us videos. We want to help share your stories, views, and ideas. We can come to you or your office with a camera. You need parental permission if you are a Teen. You can come to the studio. You don’t have to wait for the big stations to pick you up. We can air your shows on Verizon, Cox, and other big media carriers through Public Access. Did you know Stan Livingston – “Chip” from “My Three Sons” taught me how to produce my own show on Public Access? I made my Dream Come True! The New Year has great goals in the air. Make your dreams a reality! Money will follow – if that is a goal. Don’t sell out! Don’t become a robot! Your soul will die in the body of a robot of routine and lack of life, feelings, goals, and dreams. Happy New Year!

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Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

This Season make memories. Have Santa come to your house. Take family pictures. Take the kids or adult kids ice skating. Wear awesome sweaters, funny holiday hats, or Santa Suits. It makes the season brighter for all that see you. It's not the gifts. It's the memories. The surprise gifts not on the list are the most exciting gifts. Lights...walk around lights at the big Christmas trees. Find lights in your neighborhood doing shows for all to enjoy. Have a desert at the house before or after. All are busy but we are never to busy for the loved one's funeral.

Jesus is our gift from God. Thus Christmas ...Christmas Love! Showing a lot of love and making memories should be a part of the season you do not miss. Say hi to Santa every time you are at the mall. Laugh, giggle. Life is fun if you live...Alexa and Seri can't enjoy life like you can. Decorate cookies, bake from scratch, make candy, decorate with candy.

Do new things and take selfies, do Instagram. Make some tiktoks. Hallmark is part of my life. How about yours? I wish we could all live in towns like that and be with people like that. Perhaps if we all try - life can become more like a Hallmark movie.

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Helmet Fire Airs Tonight!

Channel 10 – Fairfax Public Access Wed. November 17th at 6 PM and Saturday, November 20th at 10:30 am

Peter Yarrow talks about Operation Respect and bullying others. Words hurt and humiliate people more than physical pain. Words stay in people’s heads. Over the years we lost a few friends due to suicide. Let’s shut the Helmet Fire down like the Military Officer states. Focus on a few years from now. Life can change so quickly. We have bad days, weeks, or months and then we get to the good place, where everything is better than we could have imagined and we realize why we had to fail, be sick, or hurt. Let’s never forget the victims of suicide who lost their way due to using medication incorrectly, side effects of medication, depression, or drugs. We are God’s gift to the earth. He gave each of us a gift. He made each of us unique. He gave each of us a journey. Let’s use our gifts from God, learn from our mistakes and forgive ourselves. Let’s begin again every sunrise. Every morning say, “I love you” to you in the mirror. Live for your loved ones. Do the things they wish they could have. Join Suicide Awareness programs and help others spread the word. Let’s put an end to suicide! Everyone should treat others as they expect to be treated – no exceptions. Open the door to your heart to those that hurt. Let them in. Listen to them. Make a move! Take a stand! They can be mad! They will have time to forgive you. Love them enough to make them mad. Know the signs…ask them bluntly … Are you happy? Do you want to kill yourself?

Starting over does not have to mean in the same place. We make things harder than they are sometimes. Share this video!

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Teen Say’s Incredible Editor and Camera Man for the past few years “TOM FRICKE” has left our world. Rest in Peace Tom!

My Editor/Camera Man and Friend has left this world. We pray he is in heaven surrounded by good souls and hanging out near all the animals in heaven. His creative eye is the big camera on the world right now. Perhaps he can help God edit all the ugly scenes on earth. We pray everything is perfect and beautiful for him in heaven. We pray his soul is at peace.

He had such a big heart. He used his talent to help Public Access Producers make their visions a reality. He could have made a lot of money in the industry with his Editing and Camera skills but worked for minuscule amounts of money to help others. He bought all his own equipment. He took such great care of it and it was everything to him yet he lent it to me to do away shoots for my kids’ races.

He worked with me for a few years. He was so happy my show made it to Fairfax County Public Schools as a guest for a year or so before Covid. He said, ” not everyone at Public Access can do that. We have to keep working at it.” I could not have done it without him! He inspired me and kept me accountable when I didn’t want to do a show or edit. He believed in Producers that followed their passion to make a difference in the world even though they did not get paid for their work. He was happy to eat a meal with you as payment if he was not paid. He would say, “they bought me dinner.”

I always tried to get him to work for big companies, they wanted him during the election especially. I told him he could still do his show – “Bad Driving Chicken” and help all the Producers he worked with. I felt bad he worked from the heart. Tom had talent and a creative mind. He made such a big difference for so many of us. He was so dedicated and reliable. He was always on time, early! He was always prepared! He was so kind! He always had ideas to make things better!

He wanted to create his own Puppet shows and make people laugh. He did “Bad Driving Chicken” on Channel 10 – Public Access for years. He would laugh and laugh at the jokes he wrote. He made me laugh at him laughing at the jokes. He wanted to write a movie script last we spoke and shoot that movie. I was excited for him. He said, his work was more important than money.

He loved animals and would do anything for them. He had a cat he adored. She has a heart condition and he took great care of her. He talked to her and would pause editing to take care of her dinner and medicine promptly at 5 pm. He loved walking at Great Falls to enjoy nature. Nature was his camera to earth. Nature and animals or puppets made an ugly world beautiful for him. There are a lot of people that will never forget him and are hurting right now. We must watch his shows and laugh. He would want that! His adorable Puppets will not come to life without him. Watch, “Bad Driving Chicken.”

I cannot hear the word editor for a while. We will never be able to replace him. He was amazing. He had talent, skills, and made many dreams come true.

“Bad Driving Chicken” was his biggest love and lifeline.

He loved Teen Say too. He said, “We get to educate teens and not sell out.”

Tom loved giving teens and parents the facts to resolve confusion or find a new path during Teen Say. He did an excellent job on “High School Football, Why and How?” He really enjoyed meeting Ed Weiner and learning about Jazz for Justice and doing the “Attorney Journey.”

He had patience during covid. He did not want to stop doing the show. He inspired me to keep going. We interviewed Priests, Social Workers, and others over zoom. He made my dining room a studio of lights, Mics, and cameras. He was excited to set up for Stan Livingston’s Zoom and thrilled to edit the Childhood Star’s Interview. Of course, his favorite stories were about Stan’s dog. We did a second video for Stan Livingston, “Adopting Dogs for Unconditional Love.” He loved my 3 dogs and played with them every time he came here.

He loved taking a few steps towards tomorrow during our video for Peter Yarrow from Peter, Paul, and Mary during the election. He was honestly so happy to be in it. 🙂 He was awesome! He loved the work we were doing! His work on my videos will remain on Youtube.

In the beginning of Covid, we drove around trying to find teens to interview and see what they were feeling. He was awesome! “Stop the Spread” was our kid video before the term populated. Check out our videos on Youtube.

We did interviews with Doctors to discuss the Cardiologist’s Journey and Chiropractor cracking teens for the first time and his journey for HOSA because kids could not go to school and hear doctors talk during Covid. He worked so hard! He was so happy to do videos to help HOSA.

He was so happy we did 3 shows for Poison Control. He wanted to help me make a difference for scared or confused teens that needed to call Poison Control and get Free, Confidential Advice.

Tom could not wait to be vaccinated so he could work with people again. He tried so hard to protect his Mom and Dad. We did lots of zooms and editing online. It kept us going. He loved his work.

Tom was really great at saving the day or making us feel better. He wanted to do his Puppet Show, “BAD DRIVING CHICKEN” and air it for the world to laugh. He loved his show and did it for Channel 10 – Public Access for years.

I wish I could turn back time and do more work with him. I will try and remember everything he taught me. I will forever remember him as the editor that really turned Teen Say around. He kept pushing me to try and get things going when no one wanted to do shows or be near people due to Covid. Tom loved working.

We did our Last Show at Frying Pan Park. I wish I knew. He made my Mother’s Day morning special. I love horses and was super excited when I got a last-minute invite to do a show there. Tom was thrilled and just as excited to do it. He beat me there like usual. 🙂 We did horse vaulting for the National Horse Vaulting Association. He was an awesome Camera Man and followed those riders and horses perfectly. He loved the animals and shot many videos of them at Frying Pan Park that day. He smiled so much and was truly happy there. He was so patient when we did several takes after not being out for a year. He understood when people were nervous and tried to put them at ease. We went out the next day to continue the interviews after 4 or 5 hours. I needed to go celebrate Mother’s Day with my kids and he was happy to go home and celebrate with his Mother.

Tom loved working with the Teen Say Family. He really was a diamond in my world – he made the show incredible. He was so excited and enthusiastic about every possible show. He inspired us when we thought shows were awful. He edited for hours and hours sometimes through the night to make a deadline for Public Access because it was important for him to air his show “BAD DRIVING CHICKEN” on time. He did not want to let fans or crew down. He did the same for Teen Say, it became his baby too. He was not just a Camera Man or Editor, he was an inspiration and motivated me to do better.

The first time I met Tom, he came to edit a JMU show I did. I was thrilled with the interview but the camera people did not get the shots I needed. I called Tom very upset. I knew he was a great editor. He came to my door and asked which way to the computers we would be editing from. He went straight to the edit suite and said, let’s get to work. Do you have the footage? I thought we would plan it or view it first but he came ready to work and make a difference. I thought, who is this? He is amazing! He is just going to get to it. He got right to it! He saved a great show still on Youtube with D1 Soccer – Adam Peron from JMU. “D1 Soccer Coach gives Parents and Kids the Facts.” He came up with a box that we used as a TV to highlight other things because the camera person focused on a Soccer Poster. He made us so happy and we actually created that kind of box on another show on purpose.

He loved our animal shows. We did a “Wildlife Resue show” still on Teen Say’s Youtube. We did, “Police and Firefighters rescue a Blue Herring.”

He loved walking at Great Falls to enjoy nature. There are a lot of people that will never forget him and are hurting right now. Perhaps they can go to Great Falls and take a breath – take a minute to see the waterfall and think of him. Walk every day and meditate to nature as he did. Take a breath before your big show – your daily life. We/I will never, ever forget you, Tom. I’m so sorry you got sick. We will miss you. Until we meet again….try and help God edit this world to peace.

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Make You Shine!

Mariann was the Producer for Top Washingtonian Doctors for 8 years. She was the Producer for Dr. Libby’s World of Medicine. She started Teen Say in 1990. She took it from a show for misunderstood/rebel teens that needed to communicate and vent with their parents to an educational show for Teens and Parents. Teen Say was on Channel 25 -FCPS as a gust for a few years. Mariann has had a Public Access show for years. Catch her shows on Youtube if you hit the button on this site. Channel 10 FPA airs her shows 3x every month. She has interviewed her best friend Stan Livingston- Chip from “My Three Sons” and her Mentor/Dear Friend/Uncle – Peter Yarrow from Peter, Paul and Mary.

Mariann would like to educate the public but make money now. She has hired an incredible camera man/editor and would like to help you make a video to educate the public and help your business grow.

Who are you? What is your story? Why is your office or business special?

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