Every third week of every month - Teen Say airs on Channel 10 - Fairfax Pubic Access. The third Saturday at 10:30 am. The third Tuesday at 12 am. I watched it last night. 🙂 The third Wednesday at 6 pm.

Please have the kids watch this week to get ready for Christmas. Santa's Bells Are Ringing! 365 Days a Year! The bells make music at the North Pole. The videos of kids doing good things play on video screens all over the north pole. Santa's Computer puts a smiley face near the kids' names after the bell rings and tells Santa why it went off.

The kids can make Care Boards with their parents or guardians based on their care for themself and others. Santa wrote Mary a letter asking her to change her chore board to a Care Board for her kids. Santa asked for her help to spread the word among Families for teens and kids everywhere. The boards are created to the family's chores and expectations. They can be changed as often as you feel necessary.

The teens and kids can leave their notebooks out for Santa on Christmas Eve with Stars in it from their Parents or Guardians. For example, if they brush their teeth and take care of themselves - they get a star in their notebook. Parents or Guardians can go down the down the Care Board every night before bed. Instead of checking boxes - they just add stars for each item. Getting stars before bed is a nice way to start sweet dreams for everyone. Prayers and a story before bed really create a child's best night. If teens or older kids don't believe in Santa and ever say that - Santa will stop bringing them gifts. My 30-year-old still gets his gifts from Santa.

The best part of the notebook is what they do for others. It is called a good deed to most but here it's expected to care for themselves and others as they earn stars from Parents or Guardians.  Write on that page what they did. For example - made Mom a special picture at school. Cooked dinner for Parents. Those things make the bells go off at the North Pole and put smiley faces near their names on Santa's Computer.

This week we will air the Christmas Story I wrote a few years ago but it is not the one being published this week. Please listen to the new story in December. We will be in the studio with Santa and read it aloud. Enjoy!

Prizes can be given weekly based on your notebook and Care Board if you so choose to. Santa will write in the notebook on Christmas Eve. Save these notebooks until their kids want to see them. 🙂 Teens need to remember, they can only be kids once. Enjoy them. No one is ever too old for Spiritual Magic!


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