A Boy Called Christmas is the Best Christmas Movie I have seen for teens, young adults, and older adults. It portrays Hope and Unity for both sides of life. (Elves and Humans) The death of Mom and Dad does not make it great for the little ones. I truly loved it. My husband, the firefighter loved it. That says a lot. He sees a lot of heartache and badness. It truly kept him involved and eager to see the end. The Older Woman who tells the story is really a ? She tells the kids that life is made up of stories.

Aside from the movie….I truly love when the elderly get to tell their stories. It helps them remember the good in their lives. Listen… teens…adults…learn from them. Teens let your parents remember their Christmas time from long ago. Did they meet any Elves? Santa? See any Saints? Make the world a better place. How will you contribute? Keep creating. God created you and gave you gifts to explain his creation. (You!)


Merry Christmas

Happy New Year!

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