Choose… Love or Hate?

Make the World a Better Place!

Americans have a choice. We could unite and understand each Political Party has disagreements about certain things or we could go to war against our family, friends, and neighbors over things that don’t make up or destroy our existence. Why do we act as it does? If someone you love is dying with Covid…will you discuss Politics or care who is President? Covid should be our biggest battle right now! People need to help one another get through this terrible, long year of sickness and stress. Americans need to Unite and show God we love one another. We need to make the World Covid Free and beg God for a Miracle each time someone we love gets sick! Let’s not take tomorrow for granted.

We need to rebuild our Country. We need to rebuild our minds and children. This Pandemic has hurt us! People are broken and some are broke.

Toddlers, young children, and teens have suffered terribly with the socialization and learning issues affiliated with Covid 19. People with social issues have been away from people for almost a year. They have to learn to socialize again.

Sometimes our vote for something wins and sometimes it loses. Did you have Pizza last night or go fancy? When our kids want something and they don’t get it, can they break into the store and steal it? Can they beat up their friends if their friends have what they want? Can they make fun of their friends for not having what they want? Can people cause chaos and pain to innocent people and get away with it? What would you tell teens if they were not voted President at their school? What would you tell their friends? Should the other group destroy the school and everyone stop talking? NO! That would be ridiculous, wouldn’t it?

Mom and Pop businesses have been destroyed during riots. Laws have been broken! Innocent children have been shot in the streets by mistake. Presidents and Presidents-Elect have been made fun of and bullied. Their families have been hurt and made fun of. Throwing dirt at one another does not make either party cleaner. If our parties can’t unite in peace and speak like adults …perhaps our country will change for the worst. Perhaps another country with dictators or dictators here will try and take over. Let’s act like adults for our future generations. Take a step towards tomorrow for Peter Yarrow. Sing with Lady Gaga, enjoy Jennifer Lopez.

The Stars are here. They are asking you to enjoy their show and play nice. At 8:30 pm watch Tom Hanks, John Legend, Justin Biever and many other stars celebrate a new 4-year term for a different party. It’s their turn. Let’s be fair people. Each team gets a turn to make the world a better place. Thank your last Presidents, Respect and Value your new Presidents. Be thankful we have the Freedom to Vote and stand together when we need one another.

God Bless America. Let’s Unite!

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