Well Done Peter! You look so Happy to Unite the World again. How Exciting for all of us. For years your music has played during the momentous times in our lives. Peter, Paul & Mary’s songs have always united the people to have a voice and show their brothers and sisters love. From Martin Luther King Jr. to John F Kennedy to marches for Justice, the Homeless and the children, your music brought the world together in peace. You have done a lot for the Parkland Students. You have lifted our hearts through the Pandemic and racial issues of 2020. Your concerts were always about swaying and singing, “Blowing In The Wind” together under the same stars that brighten all our lives. You have always stood up for what was important to the majority of Americans. You have always tried to teach the children and adults to unite in peace and love to sing together. You started “Operation Respect”to stop bullying in the schools. Now you want Action on Inauguration day from the Republicans and Democrats. You want to make the day uplifting and special for everyone. As your song states, ” The Children are Listening.” Let’s take a few steps together in Unity for Unity, for 1 Country under God in Liberty and Justice for All. We love you Peter! Thank You! Keep Singing and Keep Smiling. God Bless America.

Step Forward, Jan 20th, for Dar from Peter Yarrow on Vimeo.

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