Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!

This Season make memories. Have Santa come to your house. Take family pictures. Take the kids or adult kids ice skating. Wear awesome sweaters, funny holiday hats, or Santa Suits. It makes the season brighter for all that see you. It's not the gifts. It's the memories. The surprise gifts not on the list are the most exciting gifts. Lights...walk around lights at the big Christmas trees. Find lights in your neighborhood doing shows for all to enjoy. Have a desert at the house before or after. All are busy but we are never to busy for the loved one's funeral.

Jesus is our gift from God. Thus Christmas ...Christmas Love! Showing a lot of love and making memories should be a part of the season you do not miss. Say hi to Santa every time you are at the mall. Laugh, giggle. Life is fun if you live...Alexa and Seri can't enjoy life like you can. Decorate cookies, bake from scratch, make candy, decorate with candy.

Do new things and take selfies, do Instagram. Make some tiktoks. Hallmark is part of my life. How about yours? I wish we could all live in towns like that and be with people like that. Perhaps if we all try - life can become more like a Hallmark movie.

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