Coronavirus is affecting teens and kids. “Stop the Spread!”

Teen Say wants everyone to agree to “Stop the Spread!” Coronavirus is taking us all into the unknown. We need to be like Elsa and isolate ourselves but we can hang out with our family. Poor Elsa could not do that. What a great time to watch Frozen 1 and Frozen 2 with your family. We have to go into our castles and close the gates. We have to protect our families and ourselves from the Coronavirus.  The great thing about Spring is, we can enjoy the great weather. We can go for walks or runs. We can play with our dogs. We can finally make time for our loyal friends. How much time do you usually spend with them? We can bike ride. We can hike. It’s like a mandatory vacation for the whole world at the same time. Holidays don’t even give us that! God is giving us the tool to help ourselves. We have all heard the saying, “God helps those who help themselves.” Isolation is the key to us helping ourselves and protecting our families! Stop the Spread! Our hands are dangerous just like Elsa’s hands were in Frozen. They can hurt or kill our family members by contacting the Coronavirus. This is not a movie! This is real life! This is happening! It is crazy but true. It is a great time to go back and watch Disney Movies. Lion King, Frozen, Alladin, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, Mulan, Snow White, Peter Pan, Jungle Book and my favorite Lady and the Tramp. It’s a time to reflect, be thankful, write in journals to remember this time in history to share with your kids. Please feel free to email us your video of how you feel to Mariann. We will try to post as many as we can. Please refrain from sending pointless ones…Share those on Snapchat. But if you want to make a difference and help others..share it with us!

Wear gloves as Elsa did in Frozen to protect her sister and Kingdom…but make your gloves plastic ones to protect your grandparents and parents.  Throw the gloves out when you come out of the store and use your sanitizer! Don’t touch your faces. Wash your hands in soap and water and sing Happy Birthday 2x as Doctor Libby advises. Soap and Water really kill the virus! Try not to touch anything in public. Wash your clothes in hot water. The Coronavirus can survive on your clothes and surfaces for 8 – 12 hours based on real statistics. We must stay out of public places as much as possible. We must understand why we have to stop socializing in big gatherings like sporting events and concerts for a while. We must try to Protect our families from the Coronavirus. We must try to keep our grandparents and the elderly alive. Teens and kids Mariann spoke to are very concerned about their grandparents’ health. It is a legitimate concern Dr. Libby expresses.

Teens can still hang out with their girlfriend, boyfriend or friends that they have been hanging out with if they are not sick and their friends are not sick. They need to be careful their friends have not traveled out of the country or been contaminated by someone who has traveled out of the country or been contaminated by someone who has the virus but it is not what is advisable. It is advised that people stay home with their families. Dr. Libby expresses it is a great time to hang out with the family. He understands the frustration teens have over their sports being canceled but has expressed other teens are in the same situation so no one will surpass them. The competition will not get better than you so that is good news. However, you can practice your sports in your back yard with your families like you did when you were little. Can people take this seriously? Parents will love to watch their teens practice and entertain them. This is Great Family Time. Dr. Libby feels bad for the college students who are missing the end of their first year of college. I want to add as a parent of 4…it’s better to come home…than to die!

Concerned Parents and Teens want to know more…They need to know more… Dr. Russell Libby, the founder of Virginia Pediatric Group since 1982 and the Chief of General Pediatrics at Inova Children’s Hospital tries to answer the questions posed to him by Mariann DiMattina-Gonzalez from Teen Say. The following questions will be discussed in the video. Please share the video if you find it helpful.

  1. What is Coronavirus? 2. Do the masks help? 3. Are teens that use an inhaler during sports more susceptible to the virus? 4. Will a lot of teens lose grandparents to the virus? 5. Can teens hang out with their friends? 6. Can they go out to eat? 7. Can they go to the gym? 8. Will antibiotics help? 9. Will Tamiflu help? 10. When does Dr. Libby think the Virus will end?

Dr. Libby expresses there is a lot of false information being shared. He suggests everyone go to the CDC – Centers for Disease Control for accurate and up to date information. Dr. Libby also expresses Teens and Parents should seek Professional Help if they are overwhelmed mentally. He explains it is perfectly normal to be alarmed at this time. Virginia is in a State of Emergency. The World is in a State of Emergency. “Stop the Spread!”

We are facing an Unknown Virus. The Coronavirus has doctors worried about their families’ health and their own health as they try to go to work and take care of their patients for normal issues like cardiac disease, diabetes and sinus infections. The tests for Coronavirus are not easy to get. Doctors are asking people to call offices if they think they have the virus. They are asking people not to go to the ER and Contaminate others. There has to be proper isolation of people infected to keep the epidemic from getting worse. They are looking forward to a cure; to a vaccine; to the end of this horrible virus. They are eager to learn more from other countries. They do know this Virus! They have gone into the Unknown! We must help Doctors Help Us! Protect them by Protecting yourself. Things and rules are changing every day! Parents now…it’s time to stop the friends…Stop the stores! Stop going to Work if you are not in the medical field or a police officer or firefighter. Be Safe! Everyone take care of each other before we are going to funerals that are full of people you know.

This is not Hype! We are not Exaggerating! Learn Sign Language, a language, an instrument. Google and Youtube are open for non-contaminating business! “Stop the Spread!”

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