Helmet Fire Airs Tonight!

Channel 10 – Fairfax Public Access Wed. November 17th at 6 PM and Saturday, November 20th at 10:30 am

Peter Yarrow talks about Operation Respect and bullying others. Words hurt and humiliate people more than physical pain. Words stay in people’s heads. Over the years we lost a few friends due to suicide. Let’s shut the Helmet Fire down like the Military Officer states. Focus on a few years from now. Life can change so quickly. We have bad days, weeks, or months and then we get to the good place, where everything is better than we could have imagined and we realize why we had to fail, be sick, or hurt. Let’s never forget the victims of suicide who lost their way due to using medication incorrectly, side effects of medication, depression, or drugs. We are God’s gift to the earth. He gave each of us a gift. He made each of us unique. He gave each of us a journey. Let’s use our gifts from God, learn from our mistakes and forgive ourselves. Let’s begin again every sunrise. Every morning say, “I love you” to you in the mirror. Live for your loved ones. Do the things they wish they could have. Join Suicide Awareness programs and help others spread the word. Let’s put an end to suicide! Everyone should treat others as they expect to be treated – no exceptions. Open the door to your heart to those that hurt. Let them in. Listen to them. Make a move! Take a stand! They can be mad! They will have time to forgive you. Love them enough to make them mad. Know the signs…ask them bluntly … Are you happy? Do you want to kill yourself?

Starting over does not have to mean in the same place. We make things harder than they are sometimes. Share this video!

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