Merry Christ-mas!

Hello out there! It’s been a while. What have you been doing? I have been enjoying the fun of the season. There is lots to do and see. Christmas is Jesus’s big debut and party but getting there is all the fun. You think of others, you want to make them feel special. You want to say, I love you. I know what you need or dreamed of or here is something to make you feel special. I love personalizing gifts and people love getting them. My daughter’s big present this year for all she loves is blankets with photo collages. I better get one. Ha, ha Moms and girl friends usually love those guys.

So speaking to the guys. How many guys would ever cheat on Gwen Stefani? I think if her husband was stupid enough to cheat on her it says something to the girls. Guys can be really stupid and take you for granted -no matter how great you are. Am I right?

In my eyes, the couple of the year is Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton. They give the world hope. One can find the love they never knew could exist… A love so powerful that it can make you change the world. Their love ignites the world with love, hope and excitement. The world is dancing and singing with them. They are a powerful duo. Remember in my Artist Poem, I said God gave people talent – gifts to help the world.

We often hear…this too shall pass. Look at these “2” they do make it feel like Christmas. Couples all over are the world are dancing and singing these songs to each other.

Gwen and Blake’s true love for one another tells you to sing, dance and love with all your soul. Don’t give up…you can and will find that love that never you imagined. Don’t settle! I told my sister that for years and she didn’t believe me and then her prince walked into her life.

Merry Christmas Friends and Family. I love you all! Jesus is here… Covid is on it’s way out and we have learned so much about the simple things we took for granted. It’s like God hit the re-set button on the world.

Jesus is love and Love is what we need to survive in the chaos of life. God created partners for us. Have faith. “Believe” Love is what we want to share with our family and friends this Christmas. Time is the best gift you can give someone. Someone on FB said Moms should lay under the Christmas Tree and Say I am your greatest gift. Ha, ha. Do it Moms! Ha, Ha. Watch Hallmark together. It’s addicting. One night we watched 3 movies in a row. Up TV is amazing too! Ice Skate at a distance, bake cookies, decorate the tree together even if it’s on the day of…as an activity, go see lights and enjoy the snow. I hear we might get snow in the DC area on Christmas. Build Snowmen and have snowball fights no matter how old you are. Be Creative? Go get some arts and crafts. Play games again. It’s old fashion fun this year. It’s what the world needed. It’s the innocence we loved as children.

Have you seen the houses with their own radio stations and lights working together? It’s like Disney around my neck of the woods. Teens love it! Get ice cream and watch it together. What a great date night. Enjoy these special times. We will never take them for granted again. Will we? We have spent the year trying to help one another and show our love to our family and friends. Santa said we have all been good boys and girls and are on the nice list for sure.

Love yourself…love the person in the mirror. God made you! Treat his gift well! Remember if you’re lonely. Love is out there. If you are with the love of your life…never take them for granted. Make it exciting in the simplest way.

Merry Christmas! Alexa, play Christmas songs by Gwen Stefani….all of you start dancing and singing around that kitchen…right Mom? 🙂

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