Singers Create Unity!

Peter Yarrow from Peter, Paul and Mary asks Americans to take a step on
Inauguration Day 2021

Thank you, Peter Yarrow, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Garth Brooks, Katy Perry, Tim McGraw, and Tyler Hubbard. “Singers Unite the World.”

“Undivided” is how America must stand. Famous Singers and Bands gave us that strength once more. They woke up our souls. They united our pounding hearts with excitement. They gave us hope for a new tomorrow. The Singers united Politics to the youth. Everyone “Bold or Broken” trusts their favorite singers to express the joy or sadness they feel. The Inauguration Day of 2021 created Strength, Excitement and Hope for Young and Old.

Peter, Paul & Mary were the voices of yesterday for many Civil Right Marches. They stood on the stage with Martin Luther King, John F Kennedy and created sing-alongs for the World. They hammered out Love for their brothers and sisters. Peter Yarrow asked us all to take a literal step towards a new tomorrow. Mariann from Teen Say took a step and thanked the Great Artists of today and yesterday. Peter, thank you for inspiring us to perform a Uniting and Exciting task of our own on Inauguration Day.

Today more than ever, people needed songs to sing together. They needed people they trusted on a daily basis to come forward and give them hope. The Singers came out. They sang Loud and Proud from the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial! The after-party and the Previous Presidents coming out to give advice should be a new tradition. Great Job – Tom Hanks. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for including Americans in the Celebration.

The Pandemic created loneliness, dim financial situations, death, fear, and heartbreak. But…it has also taught us “Together America can do anything.” It has taught us Family is more important than Work. It has taught us Health is more important than Money. The World needed a Miracle; God gave us many. The Entertainers, Gate Keepers and Staff that created a harmonic Inauguration Day gave America a “New Beginning.” Januray is now celebrating a New Year of New Beginnings.

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