Broken Hearts need Love and Justice for their Pain.

Do you know any of the survivors or parents from school shootings? Do you hear their cries? Can you imagine their nightmares? Peter Yarrow from Peter, Paul, and Mary has given the Parkland Survivors a platform to be heard. The teens have taken their tears and put them to songs. They are singing loud and they are marching Proud. They are asking adults in power to hear them. The teens and children have voices and are using them. People need to listen to them! The School Shootings including Virginia Tech in 2007 where 27 Students and 5 Faculty Members were shot to 2012 when 20 babies – first graders were gunned down including 6 Employees and the killer’s Mom that morning and Parkland where 17 students were killed on Valentine’s Day in 2018. Will Valentine’s Day ever be the same for Parkland Survivors and their families? Their hearts are broken let’s fill them with love and get justice for their pain. Listen to their songs! Hear their cries!

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