Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

May God Bless the Doctors to find a cure for Coronavirus today!  It’s scary, people we know have been hospitalized and tested. It is really close to home now for so many of us. Prayers, Faith and being like Elsa from Frozen is the only hope we have to stay safe. We need to stay in our castles and protect our families. Frozen is truly the best and easiest explanation I have. Your hands are dangerous. Hang out with the people you live with…and stop the spread!

Dress up today! Have fun! You only have one life to live. Please spend it with family laughing and playing at a time like this. We have time off on a fun holiday to dress green or make things green but not to become green with coronavirus. Enjoy your day. I dressed up a Mickey and Minnie, did the table and I have adult kids. Everyone enjoys showing spirit. Have Fun today! It’s a Beautiful day!

Send us pictures to Mariann.teensay@gmail.com. Teens, please add permission from your parents to do so.

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