Teen Say Wants You to Grow!

Teen Say is growing in the New Year. We want you to Grow too! You should make your Dreams a Reality! Use the Medium for views, poetry, or stories you want to write and share. Post – Publish them! Develop a following. Use Youtube – to become a star! Do your own TV show on Public Access. Learn how to operate real TV equipment and volunteer for Crew on Shows. Go to PegMedia and share your shows all over the world that you produce on Public Access. Public Access is free. You can get certified as a Producer and have people volunteer to be crew for you. They will run cameras, audio, and edit for you – for free!

We want to add stories for and from everyone. We want to give everyone a Say on “Have Your Say.” We want to explore controversy and hear more. We want the world to grow! What do you want to say? What do you want to change? What is frustrating you? What makes you happy? What should people try? Do? Learn?

Teens are saying they can learn on their own and get certifications that help them get great jobs. Is their truth to that? What success stories do we have validating that? Adults are saying they are more productive and comfortable working from home. Who wants to speak on that? The world is changing. Is it for the better or for the worst? What do you think? You do matter! You can have your say anywhere or on “Have Your Say! “

You know how to use your phones and take pics. Send us videos. Mariann.teensay@gmail.com. We want to help share your stories, views, and ideas. We can come to you or your office with a camera. You need parental permission if you are a Teen. You can come to the studio. You don’t have to wait for the big stations to pick you up. We can air your shows on Verizon, Cox, and other big media carriers through Public Access. Did you know Stan Livingston – “Chip” from “My Three Sons” taught me how to produce my own show on Public Access? I made my Dream Come True! The New Year has great goals in the air. Make your dreams a reality! Money will follow – if that is a goal. Don’t sell out! Don’t become a robot! Your soul will die in the body of a robot of routine and lack of life, feelings, goals, and dreams. Happy New Year!

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