Will Smith – Teach the Youth!

Will Smith will have to teach the youth about unacceptable emotions that can cost them jail time, their careers, and a whole lot of pain. One mistake can change a lifetime of achievements or a perfect reputation. Will Smith hitting Chris Rock during the Oscars was unprofessional. It was unfortunate his emotions got the best of him. Stars need to lead by example for the youth. Chris Rock was a super role model. He was professional and carried on and made jokes. He did his job! Will Smith has a lot of people that look up to him. He may have apologized to the World last night but now his true work begins. He will have to teach and continue to talk to the youth, the world about violence and tempers. Men can’t hit other people every time their wife or girlfriend’s feelings get hurt. Men or boys need to remember defending a woman’s honor can be done with words.

Cher said it right, ” Words are like weapons – they wound sometimes. ” Chris Rock could have hurt or upset Jada and the Smith family with his joke about Jada’s hair but did he know she had a disease? Either way, it could have been handled better by Will Smith – a long-time admired actor. He did not have to act like a hot-headed teenage boy. He could have proceeded to educate the audience on stage instead of hitting Chris. He could have asked Chris for the microphone and said, Chris, do you know what alopecia is? Let me explain it to the audience and viewers. It’s a disease that Jada has that causes hair loss. Your joke upset her and I am asking people everywhere not to joke about diseases that hurt people. It would have been disruptive and educational but not as upsetting or disappointing. He could have said, Chris, stop using Jada’s disease in your jokes – from his seat. He could have addressed it with reporters after the show. Will knew better. I feel bad for him, so bad for him. His tears broke my heart. Will’s tears were not tears of an actor playing a role. They were tears from a man that was broken and embarrassed by his actions. Will has Super Powers now.

He has to teach the world not to make violent mistakes or take emotional outbursts to dangerous levels. God has given Will Angel Power on earth. Will has to change the world for the better. Will everyone is listening. Teach!

Jabari Banks looks up to Will Smith and is honored to be linked to the legend. He is the new Prince. Will Smith gave him some words of advice to live by in the business and in life. I hope Will remembers those words now….”Don’t let the Successes get to your head and don’t let the Failures get to your heart.” Will, we still love you! We want your heart to tell your head, it’s ok. You will shine and continue to shine….making the world a better place. You won that Oscar for being part of a great Movie. You helped the world see…do it again!

Hold your head up, Will Smith. God is asking you to do harder work now. Your action put you in the perfect position to make others listen to you about violence and emotional outbursts. It’s your chance to make a bigger difference than you already do.

Perhaps Will should talk to a therapist about what happened at the Oscars. Is Will going through something we don’t know about? His role in the movie set him up to play that scene off and pretend it was part of the show – being crazy like he said and standing up for his family. He could have spoken about the disease after and laughed it off. He was too hot-headed. It was not the Will Smith we all know and love. I wish Will would have defended Jada’s heart differently and we all know….so does he.

He will make a bigger difference in the world now if people let him. Will Smith, the world loves you. You know what they say, the teens and college kids are watching! We heard a few teens and college guys say, he had every right to defend his woman, girl, wife. Will, please teach them right from wrong.

Will stole our hearts many years ago. Everyone grew up watching the Prince on TV and then followed him to the Big Screen and watched every movie he was in. Will has never made a bad scene in public. We have never heard any negative things about him and Will Smith has been in the business a long time. He was always a great role model.

Will teach the world. The World Needs a Miracle. It needs more love as you said in your speech. God is calling you to be an Angel on Earth. You are an Oscar winner. Congratulations!

You are a Super Star with Super Powers… to teach! Please wipe those tears and look up! God gave you a bigger calling.

We love you, Will Smith. You are human. Everyone is entitled to make a mistake and grow! This is your destiny!

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