Fun or Challenging Run?

Shut the Computer! Get off the couch! Exercise is a Strong Recommendation right now. Exercise helps your immune system. You still have some quarantine time to make a difference in your health and get an exercise routine in play. Listen to the Chief of Pediatric Cardiology from INOVA Hospital. Exercise has always been a recommendation from the medical field.

Happy Spring! It’s awesome outside. Get out there! Wear your mask if you are in a busy area. Run! Bike! Play Soccer, Football, Kickball or Volleyball in your backyard with your family.

Get your Parents outside with you! Push them! Teach them – if they need guidance. They may resist but you must persist. Start slow. Haha

Are you hanging out with siblings? If you have a sibling close to your age, you have a friend to hang out with and work out with. Inspire one another or get competitive just like my 4 kids have always done. We know a lot of athletic families that break running records and push one another to do races. It has made them better athletes. They hold each other accountable. They teach one another how to achieve more. If you have a younger sibling, you can be a Coach now. It’s great to have this time together. Make the best of it. You will make bonds and memories that will carry you through difficult times in life.

Are you lifting? Is it leg day? The Rock claims, it is always leg day. Are you working out? If you are an athlete, you should consider creating Videos for friends to inspire and challenge them? My daughter is creating Spartan Video Challenges for her friends. Tictoc videos are fun to make, fun to watch and inspire her friends. Make a Difference out there! You will feel better!

Are you working out, doing gym videos or working out with Beach Body Videos? Patrick Callahan is a Pediatric Cardiologist in the Fairfax area. He teaches Beach Body hardcore. He can help you get in your best shape or lose weight. Oh, he will challenge your endurance! Let us know if you need his info.

Sign up for a Spartan, Beast, Tough Mudder, 24-hour Tough Mudder or a fun Color in Motion. Have Fun! Be a Beast! Get out there! Get in Shape! Come out of this Quarantine and make people Say….Wow! Who is that? Make a new exercise and practice routine. Summer Bodies in Training.

Is your body ready?

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