Peter Yarrow is at JMU today in Concert

Peter Yarrow from Peter, Paul and Mary is a dear friend/ Mentor of Mariann DiMattina-Gonzalez’s. He is at James Madison University – Forbes Center for the Performing Arts today doing the Lonesome Traveler: The Folk Music Concert.

Teen Say wants to share this interview with you…

Peter Yarrow is a man that with Paul and Mary has changed the world with their folk music. They stood up for what they believed in. They marched for many causes. They believed that the way to Unite People was to have them Sing Together. The verses in the songs they created were about the things America was trying to Change. Listen to what he explains about, “If I had a Hammer” and “Blowing in the Wind”.

He gave Mariann advise when she was 18 years old. He told her to help people one person at a time. He told her changing the world is helping people – one person at a time if that is all you can do. She laughed and said, if you can’t Sing and reach a quarter million people like you did during the Civil Right’s Movement. He stood on the stage while Martin Luther King delivered his, “I have a Dream Speech” and sang for Equality.

Peter believes if educaters feel themselves united and effected by the music and singing together, they can combat the mean spirited. He is the Founder of Operation Respect and the “Don’t Laugh at Me” theme song in the schools. He has spoken at over 5oo schools and sang with Millions of People all over the World in hopes of Unity and Peace for All.¬† He has degree in Psychology. He is more than a Muscician, Political Activist or incredible Folk Singer that has Changed the World. He is kind and loving to everyone no matter who they are. He talks to his fans like they are family. He loves everyone…truly an Angel on Duty for the World.¬† During the current political uproar Peter said, “We have so much work to do”. He said, “Folk Music is more than songs about love and romance, they are about hopes and dreams and changing America”. Singing with Love for Humanity and Peace has been Peter’s mission in creating¬† Harmony to unite people during Change or when the under dog loses faith. He will stand up with you and for you. His daughter Bethany has joined him in his mission. They wrote “Lift Us Up: A Song For America” that states, ” Unity brings Victory”. We need more Americans to Stand Up!! We Love You Peter for All You DO!!! “Lift Us Up! Make Us Strong!”

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