Teen Say interviews Encore Performers at the Theatre

Does every little girl or boy dream of becoming a dancer? When Moms and Dads sign their girls or boys up for a dance class….they just don’t know where the child may take it…Did these Dancers make their dreams come true? They are part of the Non Profit – Encore Theatrical Arts Project – Dance Company. Listen to what they have to say. These HS Seniors have lived the dream of dancing(exercise) Friends that became family, traveling to other countries and performing – creating smiles and happy spirits for all that went to their shows through High School – the challenging years of life for some teens that don’t find their outlet.

The Girl Scouts were dazzled during the back stage tour at the theater. They loved the Show and really enjoyed talking to the host of Teen Say, Mariann DiMattina-Gonzalez and the dancers back stage. Check out what they have to say about the show.

Local Gilrs from this company have moved on to become Rockettes on Broadway as well as Performers for Aladdin and Anastacia. They made their first dance class the first step in their show.



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