Teens – Keep your Parents Looking Good!

There are so many choices at Costco…I had to call Teen Say’s Friend from Poison Control. Pela, which vitamin do I buy? Will this one really help my hair and nails grow? Will this one really make my skin tighter? Oh my goodness, my head was spinning. Is there one ingredient in this vitamin or cream that is a must? Pela and Razi answer these questions and more on the “Preserve Your Parents” special. What is the secret ingredient needed to keep parents looking young? I decided we needed to do a show. We needed to help teens preserve their parents. After all, we parents have to look good at our kids’ future weddings. These are some questions I heard at Teen Say. What can I get my parents for Valentine’s Day Mariann? Oh, I knew right away. We needed to give parents a special education as a gift from their teens and Teen Say. I called Poison Control and asked Pela to join us. I called Mynd Spa and Salon and asked them for an expert to help us with the thousands of cream choices. They sent me Razi, an Esthetician to answer all my questions. The market is flooded with choices so the only thing we can do is ask the experts. Happy Valentine’s Day! We gave teens special advice if they didn’t have a valentine. It was time to start training for a race or volunteering to make a difference. Every time we give from our heart, we engage our heart. It feels like a blessing.

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