Yearbook Online…Special Words for Success!!!!

The Class of 2020 deserves recognition for being Worldly. Parents and Teens send in your special notes to your Seniors and we will Build a Page and Post it! Teens you need a waiver from your parents. Write in their Yearbooks here.


Class of 2020, we at Teen Say know…You are Special and have United the World in your Graduation. You have become a Worldly Class United by Separation and Social Media. You talk deeper, you feel more; you relate more, you want to do more and You are no longer Robots in Motion. Make a Difference! Choose one: 1. in your friends’ lives, 2. families’ lives  3. your own life 4. In the world.

Seniors, you will be the most Successful Class of Leaders due to your Worldly Experiences. You grew up overnight. You are more responsible and accountable than any other class as a whole. Here are Virtual Cheers from all over the world! Go Make a Difference! Enjoy your  College Journey and Rollercoaster Ride of Life. You have learned the most difficult task…how to adapt to change. Change the World! Some of you have already begun! There is something Unique about each one of you. You have special gifts from God. Use them! You are the One and Only – You!


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