Channel 10 Fairfax Public Access will Air Teen Say’s Great Show tonight and Saturday!

Teen Say will be airing this great show below on Channel 10 – Fairfax Public Access Wednesday, May 17th  at 6 pm and Saturday, May 20th at 10:30 am.

Shut the Computer! Get off the Couch! Do some fun races to keep your heart healthy. It’s Race Season. On Mother’s Day, my daughter ran me through the finish line at the Kinetic Triathalon at Lake Anna. The spectacular moment rejuvenated my heart to be as strong and happy as it was the day my children were each born.  That memory will be with me forever. It will live long after I do.. in stories from my kid’s to their kid’s kids. It really touched our family. My kids have always taken turns doing spectacular things to light my world up and show me how much they love me. This was Marissa’s. It was spectacular! Marissa was a co-host on Teen Say when she was young. You can see her videos on Youtube. She is now an Ambassador for Go One More with BPN. Marissa is training for an Ironman. She leads people on Instagram with her workouts and training. She cheers people on and thinks anyone can achieve their goal if it is a goal. Make Memories together!  The fun of staying at a house on the water in Lake Anna and having my adult children there to share Mother’s Day with was such a blessing. I was thrilled to have everyone under the same roof for a few days of fun and what a roof…on the Lake. It was beautiful. I told my daughter, I spent my adult life running to events with my four kids. I need action. I need adventure. It was a blast!  It keeps parents young. I had a heart stent put in two weeks ago and was doing 11000 steps a day walking about to see my kids at the 3 events: Swim, Bike, and Run. Every event was easy to walk to at the Kinetic Triathalon at Lake Anna. Parking was easy too. Not all races are easy for the spectators. I truly loved it. It was one of the first races Marissa did a few years ago. It is truly my forever favorite. The key to life is to stay active and live adventures. It keeps your heart and mind healthy! My 7 and 10-year-old nieces just did a fun run in their neighborhood. They could not wait to show us their metals when we got back. They were proud! Our family loves the Turkey Trot every Thanksgiving morning. Yes, those can be cold mornings, difficult with cooking, baking, watching the Macy’s Day Parade, and getting dressed to feast all day 🙂 and see extended family but, the race makes our day, we make memories every year and hope never to miss one. It’s a family tradition worth having.

The Chief of Pediatric Cardiology from Inova Hospital did the Tough Mudder with a few other doctors and friends. They named their group, Dead Men Running. They socialized, trained, worked their heart muscles while working long hours to take care of other’s hearts, enjoyed the outdoors, and accomplished a Tough Mudder together. They made memories, they had fun. Hear from the groups of friends, cousins, and families I interviewed while they were running Color in Motion, the fun race with paint being thrown everywhere. The kids absolutely loved that race. It was one of the Best shows I ever did. Do a race, it’s race season. Get out there! Walk the dog! Run the dog!

Keep your heart happy, it’s no fun when you have to put it back together. So…keep it healthy and pounding with joy! Join the INOVA Family Fun Race on June 4th, 2023!




          June 4, 2023
               Star Kid
         Family Fun Run

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