You are Unique! Changing, learning, and growing every day – at every age!

Follow your dreams. They cannot be forgotten or fail to exist over time. Dreams don’t expire!

Listen to your heart about love, not your brain, or your brain will break your heart.

Hear your anxiety, something is wrong or needs to change.

When you’re tired – is it earned or have you exhausted your brain? Your body was meant to move!

Live spontaneously at times. You are not a robot! Routines are needed to function but your soul needs to dance too.

Laugh and do something different or fun every day for at least 15 minutes – at every age – to live agelessly. It’s easy to do that when you have kids. Learn from them. Let them lead the fun. It will keep you young.

Smile more! Talk more! Share and Care about others more. It feels good.

Silence the noise and input from others constantly put in your head from your phone or computer. Think on your own. Journal before bed or when you can’t sleep. You will understand so many things, that you loved, bugged you, hurt you, or thrilled you! Breathe!

You are not a robot! Your soul knows that! Live! Life is the real stage – there is no practice – no perfection is needed – no one is perfect! Everyone has things they don’t like about themselves or want to change. Everyone has a different soul. You get a do-over and a new beginning with every new sunrise. Treasure those blessed days. Have faith! Believe – God sees you and has a plan. You have a destiny!

By Mariann Gonzalez 4/24/2023

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