Teen Say gave Ed a Say!

June 18, 2022 – This Saturday, Channel 10 – FPA – Fairfax Public Access will air Teen Say’s “Attorney Journey” at 10:30 am..starring Edward Weiner from Weiner, Spivey & Miller PLC. His achievements include winning multi-million dollar verdicts; being the 77th President of the Virginia State Bar and creating his Brainchild – Jazz 4 Justice to raise funds for Pro bono legal services of Legal Aid and Music Scholarships for local universities. Hear what he has to say about Car Insurance – it is the message he wants you to hear if you hear anything. My first father died in a car accident and it was awful for my Mom and Family. She hired a Personal Injury Lawyer and went through hell but won! Happy Father’s Day “Dad” in heaven. Listen to this Incredible Attorney People! Happy Father’s Day Ed! Happy Father’s Day to my Dad of 42 years who watches all my shows and loved this one. He helped me become the girl who helped rebel teens when I was young instead of being one – which I did attempt. LOL Teen Say was born for those Rebels! We wanted to open the Communication Lines for Parents and Teens. Ed, Thank you for educating my audience. “Get Million Dollar Policies!” Tom Fricke – our late Cameraman and Editor did a great job on these videos and loved this show. He is missed!

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