Ruca is on a Surfboard!

Ruca was at the beach. They wanted to spice up his life and give him new experiences when they adopted him. They took him into the ocean on a Surfboard. Ruca is very social and loves saying hi to everyone on the beach. He wanted me to hold him but I was chicken. He kept nodding at me. Jill said, he wants to come to you. I said, um next time. It was funny. Jill rides her bicycle with Ruca. He makes t-rex sounds when Jill asks him to as she rides in circles. He spreads his wings wide. I did get Rob his former owner, and Ruca together. The families were nervous but did great. Listen to the wonderful interview soon. Ruca laughs at his new boy doing pull-ups. He groans as he does the pull-up and laughs when he makes it. Ruca is amazing. He has his own Instagram page. He is going to be very famous soon.

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