Choose… Love or Hate?

Make the World a Better Place!

Americans have a choice. We could unite and understand each Political Party has disagreements about certain things or we could go to war against our family, friends, and neighbors over things that don’t make up or destroy our existence. Why do we act as it does? If someone you love is dying with Covid…will you discuss Politics or care who is President? Covid should be our biggest battle right now! People need to help one another get through this terrible, long year of sickness and stress. Americans need to Unite and show God we love one another. We need to make the World Covid Free and beg God for a Miracle each time someone we love gets sick! Let’s not take tomorrow for granted.

We need to rebuild our Country. We need to rebuild our minds and children. This Pandemic has hurt us! People are broken and some are broke.

Toddlers, young children, and teens have suffered terribly with the socialization and learning issues affiliated with Covid 19. People with social issues have been away from people for almost a year. They have to learn to socialize again.

Sometimes our vote for something wins and sometimes it loses. Did you have Pizza last night or go fancy? When our kids want something and they don’t get it, can they break into the store and steal it? Can they beat up their friends if their friends have what they want? Can they make fun of their friends for not having what they want? Can people cause chaos and pain to innocent people and get away with it? What would you tell teens if they were not voted President at their school? What would you tell their friends? Should the other group destroy the school and everyone stop talking? NO! That would be ridiculous, wouldn’t it?

Mom and Pop businesses have been destroyed during riots. Laws have been broken! Innocent children have been shot in the streets by mistake. Presidents and Presidents-Elect have been made fun of and bullied. Their families have been hurt and made fun of. Throwing dirt at one another does not make either party cleaner. If our parties can’t unite in peace and speak like adults …perhaps our country will change for the worst. Perhaps another country with dictators or dictators here will try and take over. Let’s act like adults for our future generations. Take a step towards tomorrow for Peter Yarrow. Sing with Lady Gaga, enjoy Jennifer Lopez.

The Stars are here. They are asking you to enjoy their show and play nice. At 8:30 pm watch Tom Hanks, John Legend, Justin Biever and many other stars celebrate a new 4-year term for a different party. It’s their turn. Let’s be fair people. Each team gets a turn to make the world a better place. Thank your last Presidents, Respect and Value your new Presidents. Be thankful we have the Freedom to Vote and stand together when we need one another.

God Bless America. Let’s Unite!

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Well Done Peter! You look so Happy to Unite the World again. How Exciting for all of us. For years your music has played during the momentous times in our lives. Peter, Paul & Mary’s songs have always united the people to have a voice and show their brothers and sisters love. From Martin Luther King Jr. to John F Kennedy to marches for Justice, the Homeless and the children, your music brought the world together in peace. You have done a lot for the Parkland Students. You have lifted our hearts through the Pandemic and racial issues of 2020. Your concerts were always about swaying and singing, “Blowing In The Wind” together under the same stars that brighten all our lives. You have always stood up for what was important to the majority of Americans. You have always tried to teach the children and adults to unite in peace and love to sing together. You started “Operation Respect”to stop bullying in the schools. Now you want Action on Inauguration day from the Republicans and Democrats. You want to make the day uplifting and special for everyone. As your song states, ” The Children are Listening.” Let’s take a few steps together in Unity for Unity, for 1 Country under God in Liberty and Justice for All. We love you Peter! Thank You! Keep Singing and Keep Smiling. God Bless America.

Step Forward, Jan 20th, for Dar from Peter Yarrow on Vimeo.

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Merry Christ-mas!

Hello out there! It’s been a while. What have you been doing? I have been enjoying the fun of the season. There is lots to do and see. Christmas is Jesus’s big debut and party but getting there is all the fun. You think of others, you want to make them feel special. You want to say, I love you. I know what you need or dreamed of or here is something to make you feel special. I love personalizing gifts and people love getting them. My daughter’s big present this year for all she loves is blankets with photo collages. I better get one. Ha, ha Moms and girl friends usually love those guys.

So speaking to the guys. How many guys would ever cheat on Gwen Stefani? I think if her husband was stupid enough to cheat on her it says something to the girls. Guys can be really stupid and take you for granted -no matter how great you are. Am I right?

In my eyes, the couple of the year is Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton. They give the world hope. One can find the love they never knew could exist… A love so powerful that it can make you change the world. Their love ignites the world with love, hope and excitement. The world is dancing and singing with them. They are a powerful duo. Remember in my Artist Poem, I said God gave people talent – gifts to help the world.

We often hear…this too shall pass. Look at these “2” they do make it feel like Christmas. Couples all over are the world are dancing and singing these songs to each other.

Gwen and Blake’s true love for one another tells you to sing, dance and love with all your soul. Don’t give up…you can and will find that love that never you imagined. Don’t settle! I told my sister that for years and she didn’t believe me and then her prince walked into her life.

Merry Christmas Friends and Family. I love you all! Jesus is here… Covid is on it’s way out and we have learned so much about the simple things we took for granted. It’s like God hit the re-set button on the world.

Jesus is love and Love is what we need to survive in the chaos of life. God created partners for us. Have faith. “Believe” Love is what we want to share with our family and friends this Christmas. Time is the best gift you can give someone. Someone on FB said Moms should lay under the Christmas Tree and Say I am your greatest gift. Ha, ha. Do it Moms! Ha, Ha. Watch Hallmark together. It’s addicting. One night we watched 3 movies in a row. Up TV is amazing too! Ice Skate at a distance, bake cookies, decorate the tree together even if it’s on the day of…as an activity, go see lights and enjoy the snow. I hear we might get snow in the DC area on Christmas. Build Snowmen and have snowball fights no matter how old you are. Be Creative? Go get some arts and crafts. Play games again. It’s old fashion fun this year. It’s what the world needed. It’s the innocence we loved as children.

Have you seen the houses with their own radio stations and lights working together? It’s like Disney around my neck of the woods. Teens love it! Get ice cream and watch it together. What a great date night. Enjoy these special times. We will never take them for granted again. Will we? We have spent the year trying to help one another and show our love to our family and friends. Santa said we have all been good boys and girls and are on the nice list for sure.

Love yourself…love the person in the mirror. God made you! Treat his gift well! Remember if you’re lonely. Love is out there. If you are with the love of your life…never take them for granted. Make it exciting in the simplest way.

Merry Christmas! Alexa, play Christmas songs by Gwen Stefani….all of you start dancing and singing around that kitchen…right Mom? 🙂

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Channel 10 – Fairfax Public Access

Teen Say will be aired on Channel 10 – Fairfax Public Access on Wednesday, November 18th at 6 pm and Saturday, November 21st at 10:30 am. Enjoy our shows!

Happy Thanksgiving One and All! Make a Difference Out there. Peter Yarrow from Peter, Paul and Mary always taught me…”It’s not the number of people you touch, as long as you help a few.” 

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Brain Tumors and May MRI Month

David Welch was a man who spent years doing research on his brain tumor. He started a website called David Welch and He was 38 when he got a lemon-sized brain tumor. This show was David’s last chance to educate the public on what he learned during his research. He was in great spirits and going through Chemo at the time of the Pre-Interviews. He would say, “excuse me” throw up, come back,  apologize and continue. He was an amazing man that really touched our hearts. He died soon after the show aired but was very happy with the show. The TV show was his dream come true. It was the last piece of his site he wanted to complete. His show was the reason Dr. Libby and I continued giving patients and caregivers a chance to teach, vent and share. I will never forget David Welch. He wanted May to be MRI month as a preventative measure all should be entitled to. Thank you to all the volunteers at public access that made our shows possible.

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Today’s Famous Family


We will be sharing a new show with our viewers. If your family wants to Zoom or Skype with Mariann from anywhere in the world,  we will highlight your family on “Today’s Famous Family.” The picture above is a Proud Moment from Mariann’s Kids. They think their family is special because of how close they are. They all believe Family comes First. They have done many Spartan Races together. They train together, study together, help prepare one another for interviews, troubleshoot challenges together and try to share every birthday and holiday together. They believe their significant others need to be best friends with their siblings. Mom and Dad love their kids and tell other families about them. Tell us about your family.

Every Family is Special. Tell us why your family is Special. Share your routines with us before and during the Pandemic. Perhaps another family will incorporate some of the great things you do. Mariann hopes siblings are getting closer during the Pandemic. Every Family deserves the Opportunity to Share their Video, routines, values, and Be Famous for a day. What a memorable experience to look back on during the Pandemic.

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College Students get Advice From Poison Control

College Students Mixing Illegal Drugs or their own Medications and Alcohol get Free Advice from Poison Control. Doctors of Pharmacy that the ER calls when someone mixes the wrong drugs together. Specialists are there day or night for you to call.  The call is free to the students and the advice could save your life.  They can help college students studying abroad as well through the 800 number. No one will be arrested for underage drinking or drugs. The goal is to help you and keep you out of the ER if possible – which is most of the time. They call back. They stay on the phone with you. They calm you down by answering your questions and telling you what to do or how to put up with the rest of the bad ride. They check on you the next day. The doctor of pharmacy will help you when your heart is racing or you are throwing up.  Free! Call them if you need them! Dedicated to Patrick who died studying abroad. I wish he would have called. They know when medicines prescribed by doctors don’t agree with your symptoms. Just call! They know what medicines you need for your symptoms when you are away at college and don’t want to worry Mom or Dad in the middle of the night. They are up! SOMEONE IS ALWAYS THERE FOR YOUR EMERGENCY!    1-800-222-1222

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Police and Firefighter joined by Mariann rescue a Blue Herring.

Every day I walk and see this beautiful bird. He has gotten used to me taking his picture. However, the other day he was flying about, catching fish, walking, looking at the water when… boom, he fell in a hole. I told the firefighter I was with to run into the hotel and grab a sheet. He remembered the goose rescue and took off in a hurry. I had helped with a goose rescue a few weeks prior. However, in a crunch, I still did not know who to call. It’s 911 – for the Police – who are Police Officers with additional training to become Animal Protection Officers. The Wildlife Rescue was pleased with what we said. The rehabilitators will be notified by the veterinarians or Animal Protection Officers if they are needed. The tag team firefighter and Police Officer were great. They rescued my beautiful friend. I wish I was brave enough to have gone over and pulled out his feet but he was flapping those big wings pretty hard and squawking. We like each other from afar. The 911 Operator explained the Police were on their way just to hang on as the bird laid his head down. I did see him yesterday, he squawked at me. Did he know it was me? Did he thank me? Look to the sky, you may see him. He is beautiful and free.

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Pediatric Cardiologist shares his Journey for HOSA Students

Dr. Patrick Callahan shares the wake-up call he had during his first semester of college. He believes being a doctor is more than a dream. It requires a strong work ethic, dedication, a high IQ, and a desire to help people. Do not become a doctor based on the drama of Grey’s Anatomy or the expectation to become rich or have a lot of free time. It is a very demanding profession and it has to be based on your calling to help children if you want to be a Pediatric Cardiologist like him. We at Teen Say hope his journey helps you figure out yours.

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July 14, 2020

Good Morning,

It’s summer.  Happy 4th of July. What did you do? Our family stayed together and did a dance party and had fireworks. Usually, my adult kids go out. They stayed with us, it was awesome. It was the best 4th I have ever had. I will never forget it.  Graduation was more memorable. I loved the Parade our neighborhood and family did. The World is not a disaster. We just have to make new norms. We are not robots. We just have to be clean and wear masks. We can make cool masks. It’s a closer world from an emotional standpoint yet more distant from the run around robot race. We all thought Covid19 would go away by now. We prayed for a cure. It’s a bit crazy! We are used to pushing a button and if it does not appear within a few seconds, we click again. The World feels broken but we can fix it by listening and being patient. We are making history. We can invent things and traditions. I want a studio audience but zoom can take me to NY or California for interviews. Teen Say can go worldwide. We all have to be patient and make things new and exciting. It’s a whole New World. Teen Say was just on Outside the Classroom with Ryan Miller from WJLA. Wow! New opportunities exist for us. New dreams can come true. Lights, Camera, Action!!! Get started on a new or old dream.

By the way…People trying to get covid19 are really pushing their fate. It’s uncertain why certain people get so sick or even die from it. It is not a predictable virus thus far. There is so much to learn. Scientists are learning as fast as they can but… give them some time. Take some time to catch your breath.

We must take this time to calm down and remember the prisoners we spoke about in March. They can’t watch TV, Shop and play video games or zoom all day. They are locked up. You are free to go outside and exercise. You can go to Starbucks or your favorite fast food place but you must wear a mask. You can go to the stores that have opened back up  but you must wear a mask and sanitize your hands, clorox your phone, keys and inner car compartment a lot. Buy alcohol wipes in boxes if easier to carry little packets. Costco sells them or did. Be aware of where you touch. Put paint on your hands and do the test little kids are being shown. You have the time. It makes for a great Tik Tok video. When I go to the store, if I touch a shirt, I santitize my hands.  I wear the medical masks from Party City. They are great. I can breathe. They fold up easily. They don’t fall off my face. You can bend the nose part. The ear part fits. These masks are important. Find the one that works for you. Don’t play with your masks in the store. I had a cool July 4th mask Sylvia made me. She is our Social Worker expert. Catch her on our shows.

I use Party City’s sanitizer too because they were the only ones who had it when I needed it. I put a big bottle in my cup holder and use it often like lotion. It’s a new habit. I put the small ones from Wegmans in my pocket or attach it to my purse.

I buy a lot of banners from Oriental Trader and try to make a lot of social distance birthdays or events memorable. Check out our truck in the Graduation Parade. I buy a lot of balloons from Party City because they were doing curbside pick up during quarantine. I love balloons. They are better than flowers. They brighten a day up. I used to tell my kids if their balloon flew away to make a wish. We would let old balloons go and make wishes too. Let’s all make some wishes for a cure together. Hopefully, God will hear us and say we have had enough but until then…find new ways to do things. It’s challenging…we are alive not robots.

What is going on with your School next year? What about sports? What are you doing for the rest of the summer? Have you had covid19? Anyone you know die from covid19? Share your stories….

We at Teen Say want to hear from you. We need to educate you. What do you want to learn? Email us and let’s zoom. If you are under 18 Parents need to zoom for a second to give permission.


Poem by Mariann DiMattina  (1978) after my Grandfather died

We’re Not Immortal

Afraid of  Death, As we shuffle through the Funeral Parlor Door.

Kneel to Pray for the body that once had a soul.

We Pray to God for our loved one to be in heaven;

We ask God for a sign from heaven and Strength to carry on; knowing we are not immortal.

We cry for the return of our loved one.

We cry in fear of the unknown ….

seen through our lost loved one’s closed eyes.


I came to your house, you smiled.

I left, you cried.

I said I’d return,

God said you couldn’t wait.

Love you forever!


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