Today’s Famous Family


We will be sharing a new show with our viewers. If your family wants to Zoom or Skype with Mariann from anywhere in the world,  we will highlight your family on “Today’s Famous Family.” The picture above is a Proud Moment from Mariann’s Kids. They think their family is special because of how close they are. They all believe Family comes First. They have done many Spartan Races together. They train together, study together, help prepare one another for interviews, troubleshoot challenges together and try to share every birthday and holiday together. They believe their significant others need to be best friends with their siblings. Mom and Dad love their kids and tell other families about them. Tell us about your family.

Every Family is Special. Tell us why your family is Special. Share your routines with us before and during the Pandemic. Perhaps another family will incorporate some of the great things you do. Mariann hopes siblings are getting closer during the Pandemic. Every Family deserves the Opportunity to Share their Video, routines, values, and Be Famous for a day. What a memorable experience to look back on during the Pandemic.

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