College Students get Advice From Poison Control

College Students Mixing Illegal Drugs or their own Medications and Alcohol get Free Advice from Poison Control. Doctors of Pharmacy that the ER calls when someone mixes the wrong drugs together. Specialists are there day or night for you to call.  The call is free to the students and the advice could save your life.  They can help college students studying abroad as well through the 800 number. No one will be arrested for underage drinking or drugs. The goal is to help you and keep you out of the ER if possible – which is most of the time. They call back. They stay on the phone with you. They calm you down by answering your questions and telling you what to do or how to put up with the rest of the bad ride. They check on you the next day. The doctor of pharmacy will help you when your heart is racing or you are throwing up.  Free! Call them if you need them! Dedicated to Patrick who died studying abroad. I wish he would have called. They know when medicines prescribed by doctors don’t agree with your symptoms. Just call! They know what medicines you need for your symptoms when you are away at college and don’t want to worry Mom or Dad in the middle of the night. They are up! SOMEONE IS ALWAYS THERE FOR YOUR EMERGENCY!    1-800-222-1222

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