Police and Firefighter joined by Mariann rescue a Blue Herring.

Every day I walk and see this beautiful bird. He has gotten used to me taking his picture. However, the other day he was flying about, catching fish, walking, looking at the water when… boom, he fell in a hole. I told the firefighter I was with to run into the hotel and grab a sheet. He remembered the goose rescue and took off in a hurry. I had helped with a goose rescue a few weeks prior. However, in a crunch, I still did not know who to call. It’s 911 – for the Police – who are Police Officers with additional training to become Animal Protection Officers. The Wildlife Rescue was pleased with what we said. The rehabilitators will be notified by the veterinarians or Animal Protection Officers if they are needed. The tag team firefighter and Police Officer were great. They rescued my beautiful friend. I wish I was brave enough to have gone over and pulled out his feet but he was flapping those big wings pretty hard and squawking. We like each other from afar. The 911 Operator explained the Police were on their way just to hang on as the bird laid his head down. I did see him yesterday, he squawked at me. Did he know it was me? Did he thank me? Look to the sky, you may see him. He is beautiful and free.

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