Brain Tumors and May MRI Month

David Welch was a man who spent years doing research on his brain tumor. He started a website called David Welch and He was 38 when he got a lemon-sized brain tumor. This show was David’s last chance to educate the public on what he learned during his research. He was in great spirits and going through Chemo at the time of the Pre-Interviews. He would say, “excuse me” throw up, come back,  apologize and continue. He was an amazing man that really touched our hearts. He died soon after the show aired but was very happy with the show. The TV show was his dream come true. It was the last piece of his site he wanted to complete. His show was the reason Dr. Libby and I continued giving patients and caregivers a chance to teach, vent and share. I will never forget David Welch. He wanted May to be MRI month as a preventative measure all should be entitled to. Thank you to all the volunteers at public access that made our shows possible.

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