Make You Shine!

Mariann was the Producer for Top Washingtonian Doctors for 8 years. She was the Producer for Dr. Libby’s World of Medicine. She started Teen Say in 1990. She took it from a show for misunderstood/rebel teens that needed to communicate and vent with their parents to an educational show for Teens and Parents. Teen Say was on Channel 25 -FCPS as a gust for a few years. Mariann has had a Public Access show for years. Catch her shows on Youtube if you hit the button on this site. Channel 10 FPA airs her shows 3x every month. She has interviewed her best friend Stan Livingston- Chip from “My Three Sons” and her Mentor/Dear Friend/Uncle – Peter Yarrow from Peter, Paul and Mary.

Mariann would like to educate the public but make money now. She has hired an incredible camera man/editor and would like to help you make a video to educate the public and help your business grow.

Who are you? What is your story? Why is your office or business special?

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