Fill a heart in February!!

It’s February, a month known for wearing red and sharing feelings from your heart. The stores are selling hearts, roses, diamonds and stuffed toys to say, “I love you.” What if you don’t have a Valentine? What if you don’t hear,  I love you this Valentine’s day? What if you are not getting a huge pink bear? A few suggestions we want to make are:

  1. Make your heart healthy –  Sign up for a Spartan Race, Color in Motion or Tough Mudder and start training on Valentine’s Day to say…I love you to Yourself. 🙂
  2. Make a donation or volunteer for Mended Little Hearts National Organization – raising awareness for 40,000 babies born with congenital heart disease each year.
  3. Get flowerers for your Mom and candy for your Dad, tell them they are the first ones you fell in love with and want to spend the night with them. 🙂 Parents need that! I have four kids. I know 🙂
  4. Go see kids in the Cancer Unit at hospitals and bring them heart toys. Donate toys for teen cancer patients.
  5. Go to Nursing Homes and visit people that have no one. Fill their last chapter of life with love.

Make a Difference this February!!!

Instead of feeling bad for not having a Valentine …Give your heart to kids or adults who need it most.

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