Pediatric Cardiologist shares his Journey for HOSA Students

Dr. Patrick Callahan shares the wake-up call he had during his first semester of college. He believes being a doctor is more than a dream. It requires a strong work ethic, dedication, a high IQ, and a desire to help people. Do not become a doctor based on the drama of Grey’s Anatomy or the expectation to become rich or have a lot of free time. It is a very demanding profession and it has to be based on your calling to help children if you want to be a Pediatric Cardiologist like him. We at Teen Say hope his journey helps you figure out yours.

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July 14, 2020

Good Morning,

It’s summer. ¬†Happy 4th of July. What did you do? Our family stayed together and did a dance party and had fireworks. Usually, my adult kids go out. They stayed with us, it was awesome. It was the best 4th I have ever had. I will never forget it.¬† Graduation was more memorable. I loved the Parade our neighborhood and family did. The World is not a disaster. We just have to make new norms. We are not robots. We just have to be clean and wear masks. We can make cool masks. It’s a closer world from an emotional standpoint yet more distant from the run around robot race. We all thought Covid19 would go away by now. We prayed for a cure. It’s a bit crazy! We are used to pushing a button and if it does not appear within a few seconds, we click again. The World feels broken but we can fix it by listening and being patient. We are making history. We can invent things and traditions. I want a studio audience but zoom can take me to NY or California for interviews. Teen Say can go worldwide. We all have to be patient and make things new and exciting. It’s a whole New World. Teen Say was just on Outside the Classroom with Ryan Miller from WJLA. Wow! New opportunities exist for us. New dreams can come true. Lights, Camera, Action!!! Get started on a new or old dream.

By the way…People trying to get covid19 are really pushing their fate. It’s uncertain why certain people get so sick or even die from it. It is not a predictable virus thus far. There is so much to learn. Scientists are learning as fast as they can but… give them some time. Take some time to catch your breath.

We must take this time to calm down and remember the prisoners we spoke about in March. They can’t watch TV, Shop and play video games or zoom all day. They are locked up. You are free to go outside and exercise. You can go to Starbucks or your favorite fast food place but you must wear a mask. You can go to the stores that have opened back up¬† but you must wear a mask and sanitize your hands, clorox your phone, keys and inner car compartment a lot. Buy alcohol wipes in boxes if easier to carry little packets. Costco sells them or did. Be aware of where you touch. Put paint on your hands and do the test little kids are being shown. You have the time. It makes for a great Tik Tok video. When I go to the store, if I touch a shirt, I santitize my hands.¬† I wear the medical masks from Party City. They are great. I can breathe. They fold up easily. They don’t fall off my face. You can bend the nose part. The ear part fits. These masks are important. Find the one that works for you. Don’t play with your masks in the store. I had a cool July 4th mask Sylvia made me. She is our Social Worker expert. Catch her on our shows.

I use Party City’s sanitizer too because they were the only ones who had it when I needed it. I put a big bottle in my cup holder and use it often like lotion. It’s a new habit. I put the small ones from Wegmans in my pocket or attach it to my purse.

I buy a lot of banners from Oriental Trader and try to make a lot of social distance birthdays or events memorable. Check out our truck in the Graduation Parade. I buy a lot of balloons from Party City because they were doing curbside pick up during quarantine. I love balloons. They are better than flowers. They brighten a day up. I used to tell my kids if their balloon flew away to make a wish. We would let old balloons go and make wishes too. Let’s all make some wishes for a cure together. Hopefully, God will hear us and say we have had enough but until then…find new ways to do things. It’s challenging…we are alive not robots.

What is going on with your School next year? What about sports? What are you doing for the rest of the summer? Have you had covid19? Anyone you know die from covid19? Share your stories….

We at Teen Say want to hear from you. We need to educate you. What do you want to learn? Email us and let’s zoom. If you are under 18 Parents need to zoom for a second to give permission.


Poem by Mariann DiMattina  (1978) after my Grandfather died

We’re Not Immortal

Afraid of  Death, As we shuffle through the Funeral Parlor Door.

Kneel to Pray for the body that once had a soul.

We Pray to God for our loved one to be in heaven;

We ask God for a sign from heaven and Strength to carry on; knowing we are not immortal.

We cry for the return of our loved one.

We cry in fear of the unknown ….

seen through our lost loved one’s closed eyes.


I came to your house, you smiled.

I left, you cried.

I said I’d return,

God said you couldn’t wait.

Love you forever!


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2020 High School Graduates Survive Pandemic!

Stonebridge HS Graduates of 2020 share how they feel about the Pandemic, Coronavirus, Graduation and the disappointment of losing Spring Sports. They survive with a Stock Business and Door Dash. They appreciate their siblings at a time like this…Parking Lot Meetings with Friends make a difference too. Firefighters/First Responders thank you!

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Yearbooks being Passed Around the World!

Sign A Yearbook

Coronavirus…The Class of 2020 will Soar and be Unique. Graduates will be recognized. Due to Social Distancing Students are unable to pass around their yearbooks at school. So let’s get them virtual signatures and advice to treasure. High School students will print their Virtual Signatures from relatives in other states or even countries as well as HS friends near or far. Write something special to inspire the quarantined graduate.
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The Social Worker Journey for HOSA Students

Future Social Workers listen to this Worldly Licensed Social Worker share her advice to you High School and College Students. It is not a 9-5 job. It is more than listening to problems. One must gain experience thus become seasoned before they open their own practice. Let us know what you think of our 50 Shades of Grey show with Sylvia as our expert as well.

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Teens’ Emotional Emergence

Teens and Parents, Coronavirus has made us feel real emotions, we are no longer robots. This Worldly Social Worker has a lot of knowledge to share. Please share our video to help others. Thank you, Sylvia Hydash,¬† you make the world a better place.¬† We are all in this together! Teens and Parents…email us if you have a show idea or need anything. I will find you someone to talk to. Journal, it is so therapeutic. Take it from your mind to the paper and clean out your head. You are never alone! Make a difference…even your heartache could help someone else!

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The Priest Said What?

The World is no longer filled with Robots! The Reset Button has been Hit! Father Costas: Is the World Ending? Is God Punishing Us? Were you afraid to die when you had Coronavirus? Do you believe in Destiny? Can a Greek Orthodox Priest get married and have a family?

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Yearbook Online…Special Words for Success!!!!

The Class of 2020 deserves recognition for being Worldly. Parents and Teens send in your special notes to your Seniors and we will Build a Page and Post it! Teens you need a waiver from your parents. Write in their Yearbooks here.


Class of 2020, we at Teen Say know…You are Special and have United the World in your Graduation. You have become a Worldly Class United by Separation and Social Media. You talk deeper, you feel more; you relate more, you want to do more and You are no longer Robots in Motion. Make a Difference! Choose one: 1. in your friends’ lives, 2. families’ lives¬† 3. your own life 4. In the world.

Seniors, you will be the most Successful Class of Leaders due to your Worldly Experiences. You grew up overnight. You are more responsible and accountable than any other class as a whole. Here are Virtual Cheers from all over the world! Go Make a Difference! Enjoy your¬† College Journey and Rollercoaster Ride of Life. You have learned the most difficult task…how to adapt to change. Change the World! Some of you have already begun! There is something Unique about each one of you. You have special gifts from God. Use them! You are the One and Only – You!


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Fifty Shades Film Trilogy will air Saturday

Does Fifty Shades of Grey influence Teens? Hear what the girls outside Don Tito’s in Arlington have to say. It was destiny, that the young girls asked about the movie had written a paper on it. What are the odds? Hear a licensed Social Worker respond to Mariann’s questions.¬†In real life, could Christian Grey really change? Will young couples start abusing one another for thrills? Can material gifts really make a difference in one’s values?

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Teens – Keep your Parents Looking Good!

There are so many choices at Costco…I had to call Teen Say’s Friend from Poison Control. Pela, which vitamin do I buy? Will this one really help my hair and nails grow? Will this one really make my skin tighter? Oh my goodness, my head was spinning. Is there one ingredient in this vitamin or cream that is a must? Pela and Razi answer these questions and more on the “Preserve Your Parents” special. What is the secret ingredient needed to keep parents looking young? I decided we needed to do a show. We needed to help teens preserve their parents. After all, we parents have to look good at our kids’ future weddings. These are some questions I heard at Teen Say. What can I get my parents for Valentine’s Day Mariann? Oh, I knew right away. We needed to give parents a special education as a gift from their teens and Teen Say. I called Poison Control and asked Pela to join us. I called Mynd Spa and Salon and asked them for an expert to help us with the thousands of cream choices. They sent me Razi, an Esthetician to answer all my questions. The market is flooded with choices so the only thing we can do is ask the experts. Happy Valentine’s Day! We gave teens special advice if they didn’t have a valentine. It was time to start training for a race or volunteering to make a difference. Every time we give from our heart, we engage our heart. It feels like a blessing.

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Fun or Challenging Run?

Shut the Computer! Get off the couch! Exercise is a Strong Recommendation right now. Exercise helps your immune system. You still have some quarantine time to make a difference in your health and get an exercise routine in play. Listen to the Chief of Pediatric Cardiology from INOVA Hospital. Exercise has always been a recommendation from the medical field.

Happy Spring! It’s awesome outside. Get out there! Wear your mask if you are in a busy area. Run! Bike! Play Soccer, Football, Kickball or Volleyball in your backyard with your family.

Get your Parents outside with you! Push them! Teach them – if they need guidance. They may resist but you must persist. Start slow. Haha

Are you hanging out with siblings? If you have a sibling close to your age, you have a friend to hang out with and work out with. Inspire one another or get competitive just like my 4 kids have always done. We know a lot of athletic families that break running records and push one another to do races. It has made them better athletes. They hold each other accountable. They teach one another how to achieve more. If you have a younger sibling, you can be a Coach now. It’s great to have this time together. Make the best of it. You will make bonds and memories that will carry you through difficult times in life.

Are you lifting? Is it leg day? The Rock claims, it is always leg day. Are you working out? If you are an athlete, you should consider creating Videos for friends to inspire and challenge them? My daughter is creating Spartan Video Challenges for her friends. Tictoc videos are fun to make, fun to watch and inspire her friends. Make a Difference out there! You will feel better!

Are you working out, doing gym videos or working out with Beach Body Videos? Patrick Callahan is a Pediatric Cardiologist in the Fairfax area. He teaches Beach Body hardcore. He can help you get in your best shape or lose weight. Oh, he will challenge your endurance! Let us know if you need his info.

Sign up for a Spartan, Beast, Tough Mudder, 24-hour Tough Mudder or a fun Color in Motion. Have Fun! Be a Beast! Get out there! Get in Shape! Come out of this Quarantine and make people Say….Wow! Who is that? Make a new exercise and practice routine. Summer Bodies in Training.

Is your body ready?

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Graduating Classes of 2020 have World Experience

The Graduation Class of 2020 is Unique.  They have Real World Experience. They are living in a whole new world. The positive changes that are taking place due to COVID-19 will make the world better than it was before. After our prayers are answered all over the world, people will come out of their homes and be changed forever.

Teens, are you being emerged into heavy emotions and changes due to the harsh reality of a Pandemic? It can be considered a nightmare or a blessing. What do you think? Are you changing? Make Positive Changes! Get on youtube and see what others are doing and be creative. It doesn’t matter if you just make a difference for your family or friends….just make a difference!

The Coronavirus is real, whether people accept it or not. 

I want to Help!¬† It’s why I started Teen Say. Let’s Open the Communication Lines! What are you guys thinking? Parents and Teens, are you reading this? Do you want a say? Have your say! Email us at

Teens, does this seem like a bad movie? What do you think? People are actually seeing the positive changes the Pandemic has had on the World. Do you see them yet? Look for them. Do you see the opportunities?

The World needed to make big changes and operate differently. It was becoming a dark, anxious place for many people. Emotional Distance, Miscommunication in families, Suicide, Anxiety and Depression issues had been increasing. People needed to be connected again, revived to feel alive again. The World Needed a Miracle. We are not robots! We can’t become robots!¬†

This pandemic might aide psychologists in having more free time. When we tried to interview a few about suicide in past years, they told us their offices had been backed up for weeks. Some didn’t even accept new patients. We did get Dr. Brad Sachs from Maryland to talk to us and he is known all over the world for his books and TV appearances. Check out our video on Teen Say Youtube. I wonder what he thinks about the new communication. We will ask him soon. People are talking, sharing, and communicating better than ever before. People are taking care of one another with No Tax Bracket Barriers. This pandemic may just be a miracle in disguise.¬†

Seniors of 2020 may be the closest graduating class in history.¬†They are connecting to their friends on a level they may never have. They want to know how their friends really feel. They want to know if they are scared. They are leaning on one another. Bill Withers just passed away. He wrote my favorite song from back in the day, “Lean on Me” Alexa, play, “Lean on Me.” The Class of 2020 is learning to share their¬†emotions with one another. They are in a whole new world. It’s a great time to watch some fun Disney Movies with your families. It’s not stupid! Feel again, laugh, wake up your senses. It should not be a time to just catch up and clean up. Make the time count!

Teens of today are resourceful, brilliant and are now sharing their feelings. They will be amazing adults. Wow, teens are becoming smarter and more experienced than ever before. They have already encountered major world experiences, more than any class before them. Thanks to Coronavirus, teens will have better relationships with their families and friends when they leave for college.

Social Distancing can create closer relationships. Phones were meant to be talked on. People my age remember talking on the phone until our parents screamed at us to hang up. We had deeper relationships when we were teens. Ask your parents if they talked on the phone for hours? Talking is better than texting. Texting is so cold and confusing. It’s great for parents or friends to send quick messages: I’m here. Come out. Quick notes are awesome and can save us a lot of time but as sole communication between friends or breaking up with your Boyfriend or Girlfriend – Cold. I am the most honest person you can meet. I wear my heart on my sleeve, as my friends say. Dr. Libby thought that. Check out our old show, “Dr. Libby’s World of Medicine.” I am Real! Are you? Are your parents real? Everyone is real now. The World is Real again.¬†This epidemic may just be a miracle in disguise.¬†

God will give us the answers and discoveries we need….in his time. We must do our time first. Perhaps this is a big lesson for the world! 2020 is still in the Beginning – it will become a Great Year – Miracles will happen – it’s not the End! It’s a year to change the world for the better. Change and Motivation Keep Us Alive! I know this is Scary for all of us but, it’s not the end for all of us. Unfortunately, some of us will die. It seems like we are at war but don’t know how to kill the enemy.¬†God will help the brilliant doctors and scientists learn quickly and find a cure to kill the enemy virus. The World is Praying in Unity. God hears us! He will answer us when he is ready.

Writers, Singers, Inventors, Doctors, Nurses, Business People, Teachers, Police, Fire Fighters and First Responders are using their brains and creating things to help or inspire others. This is how America was built! Dreams are alive! Political and Business Leaders are making New Laws and New Plans.

It’ time to Step Forward and Change the World. It’s a New World…isn’t it? But, it still has people in it. People helping people better than ever seen in history. People that are so different than our past ancestors and leaders. We are smarter, healthier, wealthier and more resourceful. We have the gift of technology. We had to change the way we were doing things, the way we were living. The Government and Medical World had to speed the pace up.

People are learning every political and medical rule that was written in steel can be changed for the good of the people.  We are adapting and changing our lives daily, which is a great skill to have on the rollercoaster of life. It happens to families when illness or death occurs. I know that personally because my first father was killed in a car accident when I was a teen. I thought the world should stop but it kept going.

The Government made us Stop! The men and women we believed in and voted for want to keep us safe during this emergency/crisis. They want us to stay home and are paying some of us to do so. They want to stop the spread of this horrible virus.

Everyone loves to stay home and have family time during the holidays. They look forward to it. They bake, they cook, they talk, they catch up, they watch movies together and play games. Make this a holiday with your family.

The Government¬† Leaders are in this with us! They are people and have loved ones in danger as well. Together …We will “Stop the Spread.” We just have to stay home.¬†Why do some people act like they have been thrown in jail? I’m sure real prisoners would love to be where you are.

Doctors and Scientists have to invent new medicines quickly or mix old ones differently in order to save the elderly. The Government must stand behind them. It should be up to the families or patients if the trial drugs are tried on them. I would want to try it if I were dying, would you? They have to put an end to this pandemic.

Teachers are eager to start teaching again.  2020 has been a Unique Year, we are all learning so much about each other and the world.  Students are learning at their own pace with access to a real teacher for help. Some private schools charge a lot of money to educate that way. Tutors charge a lot of money for individual lessons. This could help the education system discover better ways to teach in the future. Kids might actually advance at their own pace or be motivated to do better. Find the Positive.

Parents have learned how to teach their own children again. They are doing things with their own kids. Some kids and teens are growing vegetables and gardens. They found the time.

Teachers are truly amazing. They are sitting on their computers longer than they are paid to do. They want to connect with you. They want to answer questions for You – their students. They are sending teens hello cards by mail. Teachers really care. Zoom….let’s learn. Homeschool for everyone, some people actually choose to learn that way for a better education. Before you know it…the quarantine will be over and you will be graduating.

We are learning that people really do care and will step up to help one another. Wow, the things people are doing for others is such a blessing. “World Wide Unity.” The Robots of the World have become People. People of all races, religions and tax brackets are united- to help one another. God must be proud!

We did have to bring back the true meaning of family. It’s nice so many of us are cooking and eating together as a family again. We needed to learn to communicate with our teens again. It’s nice that they are trusting us again. They are listening to us. They want us to keep them safe. The World needed to slow down and see the real riches of this life: Health and Family are the treasures in this life. We can add toilet paper, Lysol and hand sanitizer to that.¬† lol

Things often change in our lives with no warning. It’s how we adapt that makes us who we are. Teens and Kids are worldly now. They have learned how to deal with change and crisis. How will you change? I really hope you are all keeping your own feelings in notebooks or journals as I said in my other post. It affects us all differently. You need to share it with your kids someday. We hope Not to see another Pandemic in our lifetime. I hope the world stays changed and keeps moving forward with unity and empathy.

We all live under the same sky, sun, and moon. We all look up at the stars…..Wishes are fun to make on them but faith and trust in God make our wishes come true.We are all connected…it’s about time we understand that.

¬†Your favorite Actors and Singers are sharing their stories, experiences, and emotions with you about Coronavirus. You are getting to know them. They are getting Real! People are saying, “We’re all in this together.” It’s true we are!¬† Everyone is trying to connect and help one another. It’s the Blessing the world needed. We are real, we all feel and we are not Robots!

The world is finally in unity asking God for help. The World has never done that. Everyone shares the Same Prayer, the Same Church under the stars, and the Same God for once. No one is different! I hope we can keep some of that going when this is over. Do you agree?

I wrote this little song years ago:

THE WORLD NEEDS A MIRACLE. A SONG TO SING ALONG. A REASON TO BELONG. A NOTE FOR THE TOTE.A REASON FOR THE FIGHT;¬†A WAY TO SEE THE LIGHT. THE WORLD NEEDS A MIRACLE! Crisis, Crisis not another Crisis. God help me! HE’S THERE! HE CARES! What’s the fuss? There’s enough for all of us! The World needs a Miracle.

2020 has a UNIQUE GRADUATING CLASS that can navigate social media better than most computer engineers. lol They can connect to one another and start new traditions for graduation. Change is Great! Traditions are good but the world is changing and so should the traditions. It used to take five people in charge to change a decision for graduation even if it was just a banner. Now is your chance to make changes and add new traditions. Parents, Teens, Teachers, Principals, step up! Share ideas so everyone can add something special to it. Make it Unique. Toilet paper poles on the dance floor. Haha, Each year should be unique! This year will be great!

The Date and Place of Graduation can Change! Parents will help you! They will all Step Up after the quarantine is over. Parents love to volunteer, work and overachieve. LOL Parents looked forward to this date and will HELP! You earned it! Principals, Teachers, and School Administrators are very concerned for their students. They want the best for them,¬† that is why they went into the education business. They want to see you achieve your goals and graduate. Summertime Graduations at your favorite Stadium, park or beach. Yes at the beach, before Beach Week. Why not? Live a little. It’s ok. It’s not that hard people. Plan! Use your computers and hotels. Make it fun! Beach week will happen. They will find a cure for Covid19. When is your beach week? Plan! Pack! Wow! Beach week will be a wild celebration.

Watch Teen Say, the experiences and stories you hear may help you change your life. When I was 22, the purpose of Teen Say was to open the communication lines between adults and teens. When I started it back us as a Mom of Four with adult kids, Teen Say’s purpose had changed. It became more educational and made it to Fairfax Public Schools, Channel 25.¬†The shows have always been on Channel 10 Fairfax Public Access and Youtube. Teen Say talked to a D1 Soccer Coach from JMU to find out how to make a D1 Soccer Team and be Game Ready. Teen Say learned all there is to know about football from start to Pro from 2019 Virginia State Champion Coaches.

After this, you could do your own show with us if you contact us. Perhaps we can share things you and your friends did during this time on Teen Say. Send us the Youtube link. You must have parental permission. Share, Vent and Learn!¬† It’s wonderful! Social Media is a Blessing! It connects us all near and far from around the world. You are not alone! After this is done…you can do your own Public Access Show- Parents or Teens. It’s free and fun! We’re all in this together. Hang in there!¬†


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Be Contagious!!!

Faith, Love, and Hope is Contagious claims the Life Church online. Share that message! “Be contagious!”

Be Courageous is My Message! Faith, Hope, and Love is a must at a time like this! You are strong! You cannot quit! We are not doomed! Do you know the Serenity Prayer?¬† Stop the Spread for a few weeks or at least slow it down by listening and cooperating with your Parents. Parents cooperate with the Government and what is being asked of you. This is not a game! This is Real! It is as real as it gets! People that have never prayed suddenly believe in God and are turning to Prayers. That is a good result of the coronavirus. You should hear the increased numbers from the Pastor of the LIFE CHURCH ONLINE. Do not fear the end of the world. We don’t all have to die this month. I know you feel isolated but you are not. We are all here! Talk to us! Think of people in the olden days, they were truly alone with no wifi or cellphones when they were stuck in their homes. Perhaps we can end the Quarantine earlier if people cooperate.

The motto to go to school or work and rough it when you have a sinus infection or don’t feel a hundred percent is not the motto we should have right now. We should not go to the store to get our own groceries or medicine if we don’t feel well. Do not send your family members. They may be contagious and carrying the virus. Get your stuff delivered from Target, Costco, Trader Joe’s or Giant.

“Stop the Spread!”

This can be fatal or horrible for some teens, parents or grandparents. We really don’t know who will get it and why. We really don’t know who will survive. Our doctors are in unknown territory trying to navigate us away from a horrible outcome. Listen to them! It’s not hype!

Dr. Libby Spoke to us in our video. Watch it. Things have gotten worse since then. Thank God the gyms are closed now. I’m sure a lot of families go to Virginia Pediatric Group in Northern Virginia. Listen to the Founder! They have 4 Offices.

Dr. Patrick Callahan from Child Cardiology has shared FB Posts with us. They are asking you not to pass this around! This is not a common cold. We don’t know if you will get it. We don’t know if your family will get it. He repeats..this is not hype!

The Medical Staff, Police, Fire Fighters, the bank staff, the grocery store employees and the delivery drivers don’t want Coronavirus. “Stop the Spread!”

The message for Teens and Parents near or far is: This is not the end! We are not doomed! Be Contagious! Share your Faith, Hope, and Love. The Coronavirus situation is history! Take out your notebooks and write down how you feel today, how did you feel yesterday when they closed the schools for the rest of the 2019/2020 School year? What does tomorrow mean to you? Are you mad? Are you sad? Are you happy? Are you relieved? HS Seniors do you feel like time has been stolen from you? Write down how you feel.¬† Some day your notebook/journal might make a great book for your children. Notebooks/Journals are a great way to rid hurt, pain, fear, or just remember what you were thinking or planning for your future. Put it in a private place. No one has to read it! You don’t have to share it! Write stories with your anxiety about the virus. Write stories with your fear…what happened? Oh, No! It was just a story or a bad thought in your head that became a story to entertain others or scare others. Maybe your story will become a movie someday from your journal.

Faith, Love, and Hope is on the cemetery monument where my first father is buried. I always read it and wondered why it was so positive when I felt so bad. I would write in my notebook as a young teen trying to figure out how I felt and what my future held. It made things easier. It made me feel like I dumped my emotions out of my head and on to the paper. I cleaned out my¬† file cabinet of feelings I didn’t want in my head. I often felt stronger and relieved when I left. I always had Faith… even when I was confused or angry with God.

We must not lose Faith in Tomorrow. Tomorrow may be even more exciting and better than you can imagine. For instance, I got my second Dad who changed my world. I loved his new care and values…ok not at first. ha, ha. I was a teen. My Parents gave me two sisters/my best friends in life. I never saw any good coming from my first father’s death until the future unfolded. I can’t imagine my life without my sisters and second Dad. I was miserable and did not see the good that would unfold. I thought my life was over!

We can’t see into the future but we can dream about a better one. We can plan a brighter one! We can appreciate the good we have today and find the good! I know teens are playing with their baby sisters making tick-tock videos. How cute is that? There is a way to be happy and make others smile. My Mother taught me to smile when I was young. She told me my smile was contagious and would make other people smile. My Mom told me to find something good or fun everywhere I went. She told me I could enjoy a funeral by seeing old friends or family I had not seen in years. My Mom taught me a long time ago….we cannot control the world or things that happen to us but we can control how we feel and make others feel. Find the Good! SMILE!!!!! Be contagious with hope, love, and faith!

I saw a few Principals Messages today…they are there for their teens! They see you! They know you are resilient!

HS Seniors, there still may be a Prom. Perhaps Spring Games can be played in May or June if this virus is stopped! You guys can organize them with other school captains. Perhaps Parents can Organize a Prom for your school even if schools are closed if the Virus is put into Check! Seniors, You will get a Graduation if we “Stop the Spread!”

Coronavirus is very contagious but as my daughter’s online church – Life Church said,¬† so is Faith. The Pastor asked us to be Carriers. Be a Carrier! A carrier of Faith;¬† A carrier of Hope;¬† A carrier of Love.

Believe! My son’s soccer team won a soccer game once singing the chant… “I Believe!” They chanted it at the beginning of the game, during the Half and at the End when they Won! Parents sang it when a player was taking a shot. The other team was so psyched out that they lost faith …they lost the game. We got in their heads! “Don’t Let Fear Get In Your Head!”¬† “Believe!”

Perhaps online school will be fun…you will have more time to grow emotionally and mentally before you go to college Seniors. These new proms and games or graduations make life more exciting. It’s New Territory. Homeschoolers have been making their own things happen for years.

Teens have time to catch up on things they did not learn because they were absent or to0 busy with sports and work. They have time to learn a new language or instrument on line. People can choose to sit around and mope or learn new things! Share your coping skills or watch videos to gain strength.¬†Everyone can learn at their own pace now like homeschoolers choose to do. It may be the break we all needed. It’s like a Spiritual Retreat before Easter. We will learn so much about ourselves, our families, and our friends.

It’s a great time to clean out your closets, drawers or get your houses ready for graduation parties or Summer get-togethers. Invite your teachers and coaches..they may just surprise you. They want to see you too! This is New Territory! This is not the end! We are in this together. This will not last forever. This time shall pass quickly. You will see!!! Believe!!! Listen!! Have Faith!!!

“Stop the Spread!”

Who will inspire us? Who will help us smile or hug us when we are scared or sad? Who will You inspire and help? What does the world mean to you? We will learn that being healthy is better than being wealthy. We will learn to treasure our family and try to protect them! Stop the Spread! Slow it down for a while…Hang in there! We will beat this! The Whole World is in this…United to “Stop the Spread! “Wow, we finally all agree on something. We are all listening to our President and respecting rules. We found the good!

As a former New Yorker and Northern Virginia Mom…I learned… Teens from those two places …don’t give up! They are Competitive! They will find a way to make a difference. They will find a way to make a hard situation easier for their friends. Teens are Strong! They are taught to push themselves to be their best self; get great grades; play their sport to the best of their ability and help their teams. Some Teens push themselves harder than their parents expected and soar beyond what their parents ever knew they were capable of.¬† Teens excel during this time! Find a way to make this time easier for everyone.

Chant….”I Believe!” Have Faith!

Share your excitement about your future with friends and family. You do have a future! This is not the end! You are not in Prison!!!

Have Fun! Learn! Exercise! Be Unique! Find a way to make positive growth in your life. Alexa, Play, Fear you are a liar by Zach Williams.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

May God Bless the Doctors to find a cure for Coronavirus today!¬† It’s scary, people we know have been hospitalized and tested. It is really close to home now for so many of us. Prayers, Faith and being like Elsa from Frozen is the only hope we have to stay safe. We need to stay in our castles and protect our families. Frozen is truly the best and easiest explanation I have. Your hands are dangerous. Hang out with the people you live with…and stop the spread!

Dress up today! Have fun! You only have one life to live. Please spend it with family laughing and playing at a time like this. We have time off on a fun holiday to dress green or make things green but not to become green with coronavirus. Enjoy your day. I dressed up a Mickey and Minnie, did the table and I have adult kids. Everyone enjoys showing spirit. Have Fun today! It’s a Beautiful day!

Send us pictures to Teens, please add permission from your parents to do so.

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